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Is the kilogram scale the same as the city catty scale?

The kilogram scale is the same as the city catty scale.

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The weight (kg) and unit price (yuan/kg) displayed on the electronic scale panel are what we call kilograms.

1 kg = 2 city catties, and the city catty is the city catty. 1 city catty = 0.5 kg. Generally, merchants basically divide by 2 when entering the unit price.

In fact, electronic pricing scales can be converted into city catties. Because the factory is in kilograms, this unit will be printed on the panel. But in practice, we have to use the actual weight as the standard, not the unit on the panel as the standard.

What does MODE on the scale mean?

TARE or a separate letter “T” means: clear zero, peel button; press the clear and peel button to make the scale return to zero.

For example, put a utensil on the scale, press this key after the scale returns to zero, and then add liquid to the utensil. The scale only displays the weight of the liquid. 3. MODE, “UNIT” or “U”: unit conversion key; every time you press the “MODE” key, “g” and “oz” are converted. Ounces (oz) are commonly used units abroad. For example, the quotation of gold dollars is usually in one ounce. G represents grams, 1 kg = 1000 grams = 1 kg. 3. Precautions: 1. Power-on does not display: Check whether the battery is installed correctly, whether the power is sufficient, and whether the insulating plastic sheet is taken out.

What does the LB on the scale mean?

The LB on the scale is the imperial weight unit pound.

The role of the scale is mainly manifested in its essential use. It can accurately weigh the weight of the human body, and through daily weight changes, reflect the weight control situation at a certain time. Weight control is the basis of health management. Therefore, it is best for modern people to have a scale in each family to grasp the weight of the whole family. This is a very important item to ensure the health of the whole family.

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