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Is the gtcut3 suitable for heavy weight people?

The gtcut3 generation is suitable for heavy weight people. It uses an ultra-thin 3mm outsole and a 3:1 rotary balance support system, which can provide more support stability, reduce the pressure concentration on the plantar, and help heavy weight people reduce the burden on the foot. In addition, the gtcut3 generation also has good cushioning performance, which can effectively absorb impact force and protect joints such as knees and ankles.

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Is the gtcut2 suitable for small weight people?

The gtcut2 is suitable for small weight people.

The gtcut2 is the lightest defender basketball shoe. The ZoomAir of the front and rear palms of the gtcut is 8mm thick. What is the concept of 8mm? When NIKE hyped the ZoomBB, it played the ultra-thin ZoomAir card, which is 6mm thick, which can have better reactivity and sense of the field.

Is the gtcut2 suitable for small weight defenders?

Not suitable for small weight defenders. Because the gtcut2 is an accessory for strength training, it requires a lot of weight training to function. Defenders with relatively small body weight cannot withstand a lot of weight training, which can easily lead to muscle and joint injuries. Therefore, it is recommended that small weight defenders choose other strength training accessories that suit them, or adjust the training plan to avoid unnecessary risks. Training for small weight defenders requires a targeted training plan. It is recommended to increase the weight, reduce the number of groups, and increase the frequency of training to enhance the training intensity. In addition, it can also be combined with nutritional adjustment to improve physical fitness and reduce sports injuries.

Where can I buy the kind of electronic scale that I weigh at home in Sanya?

Ultra-thin Gome should sell it

Do you mean a thickness of about 5 cm? If so, many shopping malls sell it, and there are places that sell electrical appliances, and supermarkets will also have it

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