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Is the girl weighing 101?

If a girl is only 151cm tall, her weight is 50.5kg. She is fat. We all know that a girl of 151cm is very short, so his weight should be about 40kg, which is a normal weight. He is already short, and if he gains weight again, he will be very ugly. So if a girl is 151cm, and she weighs 50.5kg, then she will lose weight.

weight management 101

Is a woman of 1.57 meters 51kg fat?

A little fat, a woman who is 1.57 meters should weigh about 45 kilograms. If you want to look good, especially a young woman who is 1.57 meters tall, the weight should be controlled at about 40 kilograms, so that the figure is standard and beautiful. If an older woman is 1.57 meters tall, the weight should be controlled at 47.5 kilograms. This way, she looks normal and healthy.

Girls are 157 tall and weigh 50.5 kilograms. Is it very fat? Why do many people say that I am meaty…

It should only be considered meat, not fat. A meaty woman is better than a skinny woman. Meat represents health. It is comfortable to hold and not panic. It can warm the bed in cold weather.

… There are many advantages. Your boyfriend must have never experienced the difference between sensual and skinny. Let him sleep with a bundle of sugar cane in winter and he will understand.

How many catties is 101 kilograms?

There is 101 kilograms of weight. Because a weight of 101 kilograms is 101 kilograms, which is 101 kilograms. This weight is too heavy for ordinary people whether it is male or female, no matter what the height is, as long as it is not an athlete.

Girls, height 158cm, weight 50.5 kilograms or so, is this fat?

This is really a sharp question.

I am 165cm, floating between 105 and 50kg

I give others the impression that I am neither fat nor thin. I have two advantages. One is that my legs are straight and thin, which creates a thinner feeling when wearing shorts in summer. The other is that the meat is relatively tight, and according to my mother, it can hide meat. However, these cannot hide the essence of my face. Looking at my face, I may be 55kg, but looking at the bottom of my face is 50kg.

In fact, the girls around me are all in the same situation. The average weight of those who are not too thin is about 160. Of course, there is also an example. Girls with 155cm and 43kg are trying to gain weight in order to look better. The girl of 163cm64.5 kg did not deliberately lose weight, because her cheerful, straightforward and humorous personality made weight an unimportant factor, and she was still very popular. The first year of college did not capture the heart of the male god.

In my opinion, I think the height and weight you proposed are quite standard. It may look a little meaty when taking pictures, but it is not very important. The most important thing is to be healthy.

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