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Is the giant panda Qizai and Zhengzheng conceiving normally?

The process of conception of the giant panda Qizai and Zhengzheng is normal. Giant pandas are a difficult species to breed. Female pandas only have 2-3 days in estrus each year, and the conception window is extremely short. Artificial assistance or artificial insemination is usually required to increase the conception success rate. Through scientific methods and the assistance of professional teams, the conception process of Qizai and Zhengzheng can be carried out smoothly. This includes monitoring and controlling the estrus of female pandas and accurately determining the best time point for conception. Therefore, the normal conception of Qizai and Zhengzheng is achieved through scientific means and artificial assistance.

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Giant panda Qizai, pedigree number 802, male.

On November 1, 2009, it was found in the area of Archway, Sanguanmiao, Foping National Nature Reserve, Shaanxi Province.

Chinese name Qizai

Qizai [name of brown and white giant panda]

On November 1, 2009, a brown and white giant panda was discovered in Shaanxi, China. It has the same size and behavior as a black and white panda, but its hair color is very different.

Experts say this may be related to the unique local geography and climate. This is the fifth brown and white giant panda discovered since 1985. Researchers discovered a brown and white giant panda in Qinling and named it “Qizai”.


The 6-year-old brown giant panda “Qizai” has safely passed the second flood season at the Foping base of the Qinling giant panda rewilding training. Its weight has increased from 89 kilograms just arrived at the base to more than 100 kilograms, and it has become a chubby “chocolate bear”. It eats more than 40 kilograms of bamboo every day, and its health is stable and good. Its physical strength, wildness and instincts have greatly increased.

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