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Is the Converse probb suitable for large weight?

The Converse probb is suitable for large weight, because it has a wide forefoot and does not squeeze the feet. You can start with a normal size. It is not a loss to start a pair at a price of more than 600, but this pair cannot be used as the main shoe for high-intensity actual combat. Compared with the probb, the evo has been upgraded significantly in the shoe wrap, but it still cannot achieve the effect of integrating the shoes and feet. But the star arrow is really handsome! As a pair of sneakers out on the street, it is still OK

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How to use the Love Walker external drive?

The Love Walker (EvoWalk) is an external drive used to assist walking and provide support. Here are the guidelines for using the Ewalker Outboard Drive:

1. Adjustment and Adaptation:

– Adaptation and adjustment are required before using the Ewalker. Make sure the size and settings of the Ewalker are suitable for your body size and needs.

– The height, angle and stability of the Ewalker can be adjusted as needed.

2. Wear and Fixation:

– Wear suitable footwear. Make sure the sole of the shoe conforms to the Ewalker’s fixation system.

– Put the foot into the Ewalker’s sole fixation system and secure it well. Make sure the fixation system is able to secure the foot firmly.

3. Walking Posture:

– Make sure to stand upright and maintain a smooth posture.

– Move the Love Walker to the ground and distribute the weight evenly between the legs and the Love Walker.

4. Movement and Walking:

– Start walking slowly and feel the Love Walker’s support for you. Step and speed can be gradually increased as needed.

Please note that the Love Walker is a personalized assistive device and the method of use may vary from individual to individual. It is recommended to read and adhere to the Aiwalker’s user manual before use, and seek guidance and advice from a medical professional or experienced coach. They can help you use Aiwalker correctly and make further adjustments and adaptations according to your needs.

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