Weight management

Is the cat fed regularly or filled with cat food for casual eating?

If you feed the cat, it is better to feed it regularly.

does cat weight management food satisfy a cat

Many people like to put a pot of cat food for the cat and let the cat eat it casually. If you do this, the cat is easy to eat fat, and it is also easy to be picky about eating.

My family feeds the Champions League cat food on time. After all, regular quantitative feeding is also very good for the cat’s stomach, and it can control the cat’s weight. If the cat is too fat, it will bring many health hazards.

And when the weather is hot, cat food is exposed to the air for too long and will soon deteriorate. Cats are unwilling to eat it, which will only cause waste.

How many meals a cat eats a day is normal?

Generally speaking, adult cats should eat 2~ 3 meals a day, and the total daily food intake should be controlled within an appropriate range. However, cats’ dietary needs vary depending on factors such as age, weight, activity level, and health status, so each cat’s dietary needs are not exactly the same. Here are some dietary suggestions about cats:

1. Age: Kittens need more diets because they need more energy to support growth and development. Generally speaking, kittens need to eat 4~ 5 meals a day. Adult cats have relatively few dietary requirements.

2. Weight: If the cat is overweight or obese, it is necessary to reduce the total daily food intake and feed it in multiple times to control the amount of food and help the cat lose weight.

3. Activity level: If the cat is active, it needs more energy to support movement and activity. On the contrary, if the cat is relatively quiet, it will need relatively less energy.

4. Health status: If the cat has a certain disease, such as diabetes, kidney disease, etc., it needs to be managed according to the veterinarian’s recommendations for specific diet.

In general, cats’ dietary needs vary from cat to cat, so an appropriate diet plan should be developed according to the specific situation of the cat. At the same time, the amount of food fed each time should also be properly controlled to avoid health problems such as obesity due to excessive eating in cats.

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