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Is the ALPO dog food from the Purina series good?

Very bad. This is a low-end food. To be honest, I suggest you either feed it natural or buy fresh ingredients to make for your dog.

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What formula does dog food generally consist of?

Dog food Ingredients: corn, dehydrated poultry meat, corn gluten, animal fat, poultry protein, poultry liver, beet pulp, minerals, egg powder, soybean oil, fish oil, fructooligosaccharides, flax shells and seeds, yeast extract (source of glycosaccharides).

DL-methionine, taurine, hydrolyzed crustacean products (source of glucosamine), hydrolyzed cartilage products (source of chondroitin), calendula extract (source of lutein) Composition analysis Average: Crude protein: 32% – Crude fat: 4%~ 12% – Crude ash: 6.3% – Crude fiber: 2.8% – Calcium 1.0% – Phosphorus: 0.85%.

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Since the first commercial dog food was produced by American James Spratt in 1860, the production and production process of dog food has been continuously advancing and evolving. In 1922, Chabel Brothers used horse meat as a raw material to produce dog food; in 1954, Lalston Purina tried to mix animal liver, skim milk, soybean powder and other formulas into dog food to make dog food.

In 1957, Americans applied the food puffing process to pet food, and the world’s first bag of puffed dog food came out. With the continuous deepening of pet food research and the intensive cultivation of the pet food market by foreign manufacturers, people began to formulate dog food according to dog breed, age, prescription, etc. At that time, natural food without artificial additives became popular.

Entering the new century, foreign dog food manufacturers have accumulated rich experience in pet food production and research. Grain-free grains that do not contain allergic raw materials such as wheat and corn have begun to be widely promoted, produced and sold.

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What brand of dog food does Nestle produce?

Nestle’s company that produces dog food is called Purina. It has been making dog food for more than 100 years and is particularly famous in the United States.

Purina dog food mainly includes Guanneng and Condola. Guanneng belongs to the high-end category, and Purina is slightly lower-end. Guanneng is Purina’s main high-end dog food. The latest technology is applied to Guanneng, and the raw materials and craftsmanship are the best in the same type of dog food.

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