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Is sonic 10td suitable for heavy weight people?

Not suitable for heavy weight people. The reason is that the maximum bearing weight of sonic 10td is only 120kg, which cannot withstand the use of heavy weight people, and can easily lead to equipment damage or accidents. Therefore, it is recommended that heavy weight people use fitness equipment that is more suitable for their own weight. The choice of fitness equipment should be comprehensively considered according to factors such as physical condition, fitness purpose and personal needs, and the choice of equipment that suits them can achieve better exercise results. At the same time, when using fitness equipment, you should also pay attention to the correct use method and pay attention to safety to avoid accidental injuries caused by wrong use.

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Which one should you choose for the 30 or 40 heavy weight of the Bimai Expedition?

For heavy runners, when choosing running shoes, you need to pay special attention to the cushioning performance, support performance and comfort of the upper of the shoe. The Bimai Expedition 3. 0 and 4. 0 are both very good running shoes, but for heavy runners, the following are some specific comparisons and suggestions:

Bimai Expedition 3. 0:

Blowing performance: The midsole of this shoe adopts FOAM4 cushioning technology, and heavy runners can feel a good cushioning effect when stepping on it. At the same time, the feedback is fast, which is suitable for speed training.

Supporting Performance: While providing cushioning, the shoes also have sufficient supporting performance to stably support the footsteps of heavy runners.

Upper Comfort: The upper design pays attention to breathability and adopts a three-dimensional mesh material to provide a good foot environment and reduce the sultry feeling when running.

Bimai Expedition 4.0:

Bearing Performance: Compared with 3.0, 4.0 may be upgraded in cushioning technology, which needs to be confirmed according to official information or user evaluation.

Supporting Performance: Again, 4. 0 may also be improved in support performance to better adapt to the needs of heavy weight runners.

Upper Comfort: Similar to 3.0, the upper design of 4.0 also pays attention to breathability and comfort to ensure a comfortable experience while running.

All things considered, both shoes are very good choices for heavy weight runners. However, since everyone’s foot shape, running habits and weight distribution are different, it is recommended to refer to official information, user evaluations and your own actual experience to make decisions when choosing. You can try it on at brick and mortar store or online before buying to ensure that the shoes suit your foot shape and running needs.

In addition, no matter which shoe you choose, it is recommended that heavy runners perform appropriate warm-up and stretching exercises before running to reduce the risk of sports injuries. At the same time, gradually increase the amount of exercise according to your physical condition to avoid overwork.

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