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Is Purina dog food natural?

Purina dog food is not natural dog food, it is synthetic

purina pro plan specialized weight management adult dog food

What grade does Nestle dog food belong to?

Nestle dog food belongs to the mid-range.

Guanneng is a mid-range dog food brand under Nestlé Purina. His family’s full-price medium-sized dog adult dog food needles For the nutritional needs of medium-sized dogs and adult dogs, a comprehensive nutritional formula is designed. The raw materials are high-quality chicken, corn protein, soybean, beet meal, fish oil, etc., rich in vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus and omeg_3 fatty acids, natural prebiotic inulin and other nutrients, promote heart and joint, intestinal health, and meet the daily nutritional intake needs of dogs.

The finished particle size is suitable for medium-sized dogs and adult dogs, which can better care for dog teeth. Small dog puppy dog food contains bovine colostrum to help puppies improve their own immunity, 5 major scientific nutritional support, care for the health of teeth and bones, stay away from intestinal discomfort, and meet daily nutritional needs

About 20 to 25 catties of dog food recommended?

1. Bile full-price dog food for medium and large dogs (24.32 yuan per catty)

Crude protein: 33% Crude fat: 13%

Comments: Bile is a brand under Shanghai Fubei Pet Food Co., Ltd., and the quality and reputation have always been very good!

Dog food is also rich in meat and vegetables, with herbal formula. The main meat is chicken, duck, fish, with cabbage, carrots, red algae powder, wolfberry, honeysuckle and other raw materials.

The palatability of dog food is better, and 5% of chicken freeze-dried is added. Although the price is more expensive, it is still value for money.

2. Bernard Tianchun medium and large adult dog food (21.2 yuan a catty)

Crude protein: 26% Crude fat: 14%

Comments: Bernard Tianchun is a classic well-known brand in domestic dog food. It is very famous and trustworthy in terms of quality.

Dog food has 2 kinds of meat and 6 kinds of fruits and vegetables, mainly composed of chicken mutton egg yolk powder, carrots, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables. And add L-carnitine, glucosamine, chondroitin, probiotics, prebiotics and other formulas to better care for the health of medium and large dogs.

Bernard Tianchun’s dog food is more effective in controlling dog weight and caring for joints. If your dog is obese and has bad joints, you can feed this dog food as a long-term staple food.


Full price adult dog food (22 yuan a catty)

Crude protein: 27% Crude fat: 13%


Dog food selects high-quality chicken, duck, fish, and beef as the main protein source, with a meat content of more than 55%. It is also rich in vegetables and herbal ingredients, such as carrots, pumpkin, plantains, and so on.

Dog food has good nutrition and palatability. It is suitable for all-stage dog breed feeding. The dog food is very light, and the effect of reducing fire and removing tears and beauty is better.

4. Guanneng large dog adult full-price dog food (24.63 yuan per kilogram)

Crude protein: 26% Crude fat: 12%

Comments: Guanneng is a pet food brand under Nestle Purina, the world’s largest food company. It has always been a big brand trusted by consumers. The quality control of dog food has always been very good. 315 random inspections every year are all qualified products.

The dog food formula is not as gorgeous as the previous ones, mainly chicken grain beet meal vegetable protein powder, but the nutritional combination is very reasonable. The formula is also very transparent, and many nutritional values such as lysine, glucosamine, and omega content are marked with promised values!

The market reputation of dog food is not bad. Some pet owners say that domestic dog food a eats black poop and farts a lot, and domestic dog food b has tears after eating, but Guanneng has no merit. I believe this evaluation is very pertinent. Because Guanneng is also one of the benchmarks in the prescription food industry.

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