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Is Purina cat food reliable?

Purina cat food is reliable. It is a cost-effective cat food. Many netizens on the Internet said that their cats like this brand of cat food very much. The owner can buy it with confidence, but it should be noted that you must not buy counterfeit cat food because of greed. You should buy it through regular channels.

purina one healthy weight management cat food

Is Guanneng cat food good?

Guanneng cat food is a medium-level cat food brand in the market. Its product variety is relatively rich and the price is relatively close to the people. The main “gold series” cat food uses high-quality meat and cereal raw materials, which is more in line with the nutritional needs of cats. At the same time, it has also launched some cat food with special functions, such as weight control, hairball reduction, etc., which can meet the special needs of some cats. However, it should be noted that the quality and taste of Guanneng cat food are not suitable for all cats. It is recommended to choose according to the taste and physical condition of your cat when choosing.

Is Guanneng cat food good?


Guanneng cat food is a cat food brand from Purina, originally from the United States. It is a world-renowned pet food manufacturer. It can use scientific formulas to design food suitable for cats at different stages. Therefore, since its establishment in 1986, it has won the favor of many consumers and has a certain reputation. Its purpose is to create high-end pet food, stimulate everyone’s cat-loving potential, and let every pet grow up healthily.

What kind of cat food does the cattery feed?

Feeding Pampered Cat Food

Pampered Cat Food is the first time I bought it for the cat owner to eat. When I opened the bag, it meowed non-stop and liked it very much. The meat content of this cat food is 70%, crude protein ≥ 41%, crude fat ≥ 19%, crude fiber ≤ 3. 5%, the formula notes are scientific and reasonable, and the structural ratio is similar to desire. The cat owner has not had soft stools after eating it for so long, and the coat color is brighter than before, and the body is great.

Is the pet food of the McFuddy brand good?

Maifudi is still good. Cat food recommendations: Royal cat food brand, Kairis, Mercer, Mioduo, Black Gold.

1. Royal cat food brand The Royal cat food brand is a global leader in pet food. Its products are rich in taste and contain prescription food with health care and medical effects. It is safe and healthy to eat. It is still the first choice of many cat lovers in the cost-effective cat food rankings in 2019.

2. Kairis has launched corresponding suitable cat food for different breeds of cats at different growth stages. It is very considerate to adjust the professional proportion of nutrients according to the needs of different cats, which is conducive to the healthy growth of cats.

3. Meiji is one of the top ten American cat food brands recommended by WDJ. It uses natural ingredients to provide nutrition and is rich in oil, which helps cats have healthy and soft hair. It is a brand with a balanced price in all aspects.

4. Mioduo is a cat food brand under Nestle Purina in the United States. According to the cat’s nature of not drinking water and the nature of weak stomach, natural fiber and nutrients are added, which can effectively help cats resist gastrointestinal infections and help absorb.

5. The grain-free fresh meat cat food with black gold natural ingredients, meat powder accounts for only 6%, contains 75% animal-derived ingredients, and various nutritional ratio standards. It is a niche natural grain produced in Portugal, but the quality is very good.

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