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Is progesterone capsule an estrogen?

The drug is not an estrogen, but a progesterone secreted by the ovarian luteal corpus. It is commonly used to treat threatened and habitual miscarriages, premenstrual tension syndrome, anovulatory type of dysfunctional blood and anovulatory type of amenorrhea. It needs to be used under the guidance of a doctor. There are two dosage forms, oral and injectable. Women will experience irregular menstruation, and the drug can be applied to improve the situation.

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Do you want to take a medicine for estrogen after menopause?

Estrogen supplementation after menopause can be done through drugs or dietary supplements. However, whether it is suitable for estrogen supplementation requires a comprehensive physical examination. If there are no contraindications, estrogen supplement drugs can be taken under the guidance of a doctor. There are two kinds of western medicines for hormone replacement drugs, one is to cause menstruation after taking it, such as Trillium, and the other is to cause menstruation after taking it, such as Tibolone. Chinese medicines for supplementing estrogen also include Kuntai Capsules, which have a wide range of indications. Food supplementation is to eat more soy products, which is the safest way to supplement.

Does Kuntai Capsules have hormones?

Kuntai Capsules are proprietary Chinese medicines and do not contain hormones. They can be used dialectically for those with irregular menstruation or relatively obvious menopausal syndrome. Generally, a course of treatment is one month. After insisting on conditioning for a period of time, the treatment effect is evaluated according to the symptoms and blood draws to check During this period, you need to maintain your state of mind, pay attention to diet hygiene, and exercise properly to help endocrine regulation.

How to eat progesterone capsules, several times a day, several capsules at a time?

When progesterone capsules are used in the treatment of threatened abortion, habitual abortion, premenstrual neurological syndrome, anovulatory result bleeding or anovulatory amenorrhea, the commonly used dose is 200-300 mg per day, which can be taken in two installments. It is best to take the medicine away from the meal time. In the treatment of menopausal syndrome, it needs to be used with estrogen. Estrogen should be taken first. Take it for 22 days. Take 200 mg of this product on the 13th day of taking estrogen. Take it twice a day for 10 days.

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