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Is it useful to do hair care?

To be clear, it is almost useless~!!! I often do my hair, so the hair quality is not good. I used to think that as long as I do more care, it will be fine, but recently a new professional hairdresser told me that care is really useless. Because hair is not skin, simple external care cannot go directly to the hair root (the advertisement says that nutrients can be delivered to the hair root are fake), and if used directly on the hair root, it is easy to cause clogged pores. So care will only make the hair a little better in the first two or three days, just like makeup, and after two or three days, it will not be done again. It will not fundamentally change the hair quality. However, some good habits are good for the hair, just have patience. For example,

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1. Before shampooing, comb the hair once to remove the dirt on the surface and untangle the tangles. Develop a good habit of combing your hair 100 times a day.

2. Conditioner should only be applied to the ends of the hair strands and the position of the stems. If you apply too much to the roots, the hair will quickly become greasy

3. After shampooing, pour a spoonful of vinegar into 600ml of warm water, then soak it in the hair, comb it well with a comb, and finally rinse it with warm water. This can enhance the gloss and remove impurities.

4. Hot water will swell the scaly surface of the hair, causing it to be torn and dull in color. Therefore, apply cold water, because cold water can lock the scaly surface and keep the hair full of luster.

5. Never dry the hair with a towel. It is best to slowly squeeze out the excess water with your fingers, and then gently dry it with a towel. This can have a moisturizing effect without damaging the elasticity of the hair.

6. When the hair is still wet, use a wide-toothed comb to divide the hair into several parts, and then gently comb it up from the tail end until the torn is completely released. Because in this case, the scaly surface of the hair will swell and be easily damaged.

7. It is best to let the hair air dry naturally.

8. After the hair is dry, you can spray a moisturizing spray on the comb, and then comb the hair to help the hair fit and fix the hairstyle for a long time. There are also some foods that are good for the hair, and you can also eat more. But the hair really can’t be raised in a day or two, and perseverance can be effective

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