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Is it true that Africans don’t bathe?

Of course Africans bathe… but their skin is dark… Many African-Americans have developed the American habit of bathing every day… But the reason for the helplessness of pigments is the same as you never want to wash black hair yellow~

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Of course you have to “bathe”! They use a unique powder that uses less water (almost no water), similar to solid or powdery alkaline substances to achieve a decontamination effect

What color is the skin tone of the British?

The British are mostly white-skinned, but there are also yellow-skinned Asians and black-skinned Africans. There are four parts of the United Kingdom that make up England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. England is the main part of the United Kingdom and accounts for 80% of the population of the United Kingdom. English belongs to the Germanic language family and is a common language in the world. London, the capital of the United Kingdom, is an international metropolis.

Difference between blackpeople and nigga?

Blackpeople (black) is a common, neutral word used to describe people of African descent. The term is usually used in a formal or neutral setting.

However, nigga (or nigger) is a controversial and derogatory term that is often considered a form of racist language, especially in the black community in the United States. This term was originally used by white people to demean black people. After years of evolution, some black people now use this term to address each other, but it can still be considered inappropriate and offensive in some cases.

In general, blackpeople is a neutral word, while nigga is a controversial and derogatory word that needs to be understood and used according to the context and cultural context.

What is KRUMPING dance?

KRUMPING dance is a form of street dance that originated in Los Angeles, USA. Because its origin is in the slums of Los Angeles, some teenagers express their emotions and stress in dancing, so KRUMPING dance is more intense and personalized than other street dances. The KRUMPING dance reflects the dancer’s confidence and enthusiasm through body twisting, expression changes and music cooperation, which is visually stunning. In addition, KRUMPING dance occupies an important position in today’s hip-hop culture, and is loved and innovated by many dancers. It has its own unique stage and competition form.

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