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Is it too late to start skin care at the age of 36?

As long as you can stick to it, it is not too late to start at any time. But you should pay attention to differentiating the skin type and take care of it according to the climate change in your area.

simple skin care routine for 36

Medium dry skin should pay attention to moisturizing and anti-wrinkle. In addition to water, essence, lotion, and cream, you should also stick to eye cream. Gentle and soothing massage and long-term persistence can make the skin more elastic and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

For oily skin, pay attention to the use of light-textured skin care products to avoid burdening the skin. Due to the large climate difference between the north and the south, the winter in the north needs a more moisturizing cream, which can firmly lock moisture on the surface of the skin and avoid tightness and peeling caused by evaporation of skin moisture

The winter in the south is relatively moist, so you can choose a moisturizing or refreshing cream according to your skin.

What skin care products do you use when you are 36 years old?

36 years old should choose moisturizing and anti-wrinkle skin care products. Skin care product purchase: When purchasing skin care products, first look at its trademark. If it is indicated that it is suitable for neutral to dry skin, it means that it is prepared for dry skin, and it can also be used for neutral skin. If the trademark says it is suitable for oily skin, it is prepared for oily skin. If it is not indicated on the trademark, you have to try it or read the ingredient description of the product. If you can’t try it out, you can read the instructions in detail. If the instructions say to replenish moisture, nutrients, nutrition, remove spots, wrinkles, and moisturize, it must be used for dry skin, because dry skin needs nutrients.

On the contrary, if the instructions say to regulate oil secretion, remove blackheads, acne, acne, etc., it must be used for oily skin, because oily skin is prone to acne and acne. If both effects are available, it can be used on any skin. Another way to choose is to see if it is a cream skin care product (also known as vanity cream). It is made of oil, glycerin, and essence as raw materials, and uses potassium soap as an emulsifier. After emulsification, oil and water form a white emulsifier, forming a non-oily emulsion, which is best for oily skin. Cream skin care products, also known as cold creams and balms, are contrary to cream cosmetics, which are “water in oil”, that is, emulsions in which water is dispersed in oil. A large amount of oil and moisture can supplement the deficiencies of dry skin, so it is suitable for dry skin use.

36 years old How to make yourself more and more refined?

1. The first is internal cultivation. You should study hard. You should study as soon as possible. Read more. The impact of reading on human nature is from the inside out. The temperament of reading often will be reflected in your behavior.

2. Have your own hobbies. If you don’t have them, you can cultivate them. You can read, write, exercise or play musical instruments. When you enjoy your hobbies, it is equivalent to being alone. Being alone is a very important practice.

3. Learn to manage money. Financial management can allow you to control your desires, understand that there are risks everywhere in life, and don’t spend money lavishly. Open source and throttling go hand in hand.

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