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Is it suitable to watch the fountain at night and send Moments sentences?

July is on fire, and the heat is unbearable. When the summer sunset withdraws the last glow, night falls, the lights come up, the tall buildings dance with the light and shadow, and see the neon swaying and fascinating silhouettes.

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Walking along the fountain, the colorful light and shadow make up the vivid tones of the night between the water waves, such as the colorful soap bubbles splashing in the beauty bath like a clear waterfall under the world. This is incomparably beautiful, and the artificial red and soft waves stretch out happily and happily under the night of March in Beilun.

Copywriting suitable for sending fountains at night?

July is on fire, and the heat is unbearable. When the summer setting sun put away the last glow, night falls, the lights come on, the high-rise buildings dance with light and shadow, and see the charming silhouette of neon flickering.

Walking along the fountain, colorful light and shadow form the vivid color of the night between the water waves, such as the colorful soap bubbles splashed by the beauty bath, like the clear waterfall under the world, this incomparably beautiful, artificial Hong Hong and soft waves, silk-like stretch of joy and happiness under the night of Beilun March.

What are the characteristics of tourism resources in Bali, India?

1. Pure natural SPA. The spa in Bali is completely different from the spa in domestic massage places. The spa here is particularly comfortable. After finishing, there is no pain in the whole body. And after finishing, looking at the vast sea is very comfortable. In addition to tourism, the pure natural spa in Bali will definitely give you a special experience

2. Rafting. Rafting originated from bamboo and wood rafting in China, which is the most primitive way for humans to cross rivers. At that time, people were for their own life and survival, but now it is a special activity. Rafting in Bali is carried out when the sea is rising and falling. Rafting will bring you a new experience!

3. Shadow puppet. Shadow play is the most famous local entertainment. In the past, people called it “shadow play” or “lantern shadow play”, a folk drama that uses silhouettes of characters made of light irradiated paper to perform. The stories are generally derived from local classics. Watching this shadow play will give you a deeper understanding of local customs.

4. Painting. The local painting customs are mainly concentrated in areas such as ebony. The local paintings are of great research value for people to study the customs of Bali in ancient times. The paintings in Bali are very beautiful. Many national museums have collected many Balinese paintings!

5. Batik. The local batik is very famous, and the local batik works are integrated with local customs, which is very exquisite. Now it has become an important part of tourism resources, driving the local economy!

6. Carving. The carvings are mainly concentrated in Maas, and the stone carvings are mainly concentrated in Padang Bran. It is worth mentioning that these carvings are all carved with local legends.

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