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Is it okay for boys to only use facial cleanser toner in skin care, but not lotion essence cream?

Absolutely not, only use water, if you don’t use lotion, after 5 minutes, the toner will evaporate, which means nothing is rubbed. Moreover, it is winter, very dry, if you don’t use moisturizing lotion cream, the skin will be very dry, and there is no resistance. I am also a mixed muscle, so it is recommended that you use two kinds of things to wipe the face, T area U area, refreshing lotion for oily places, and moisturizing cream. Although troublesome, it is good for the skin

guys have no skin care routine

How can boys become handsome without skin care products?

1 You can become a high-cold male god without skin care 2 Because the appearance of a high-cold male god is not just created by skin care products, but more about self-confidence, temperament and clothing. And skin care products are not necessary for men, as long as you keep your skin clean and hygienic. 3 If you want to become a high-cold male god, you can start by exercising your inner charm and cultivation posture, and you can also learn some basic dressing skills to improve your appearance. Skin care is only one of the factors, not a necessary condition.

The basic steps of skin care for a 40-year-old man?

First, pay attention to rest. A 40-year-old man has a strong economic foundation, is rich, famous and has status. At this time, take care of your appearance and rest first. Aging, in addition to the touch of the elderly, is more caused by hard work. Therefore, rest on time every day and pay attention to ensuring 8 hours of sleep every day, which will make your physical strength fully restored.



Second, eat a light diet. Men aged 40 are often in a state of being fat or slightly fat. Under such physical conditions, they are most susceptible to various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, which affect their appearance. Therefore, it is important to eat a good breakfast, a full lunch, and a small dinner every day. Especially for dinner, try to eat less or not. In this way, a 40-year-old man will maintain a youthful state, and the same appearance will maintain a youthful state.



Third, keep a happy mood. People live in the world, is to live a mood. When a person is in a good mood, they are happy to do anything, but when a person is in a bad mood, it seems that the toxins in the body will explode one after another! Prominently on their face and body, causing their appearance to lose color and youth to slip away. Therefore, laughing for 1 hour a day will make you happy until the age of 70, and your face will remain the same.



Fourth, strengthen physical exercise. Strengthening physical exercise can enhance physical fitness, promote metabolism, and keep our physical functions in good working condition. People who regularly participate in physical exercise are obviously better physically than those who do not participate in exercise! By the same token, people who regularly participate in physical exercise have a much younger figure and appearance than those who do not participate in exercise.



Fifth, maintain a good state of mind. People who have nothing in their minds are often the most peaceful people. These people do not have too many desires and ideas for a day, and their lives seem simple and plain, and they are still smiling. Often their preferences are very elegant, either they like calligraphy or painting… In the same way, their appearance is maintained better, and they live a long life!



Sixth, use skin care products. It is time for 40-year-old men to use some skin care products appropriately according to their appearance. Practice has proved that people who often do facial skin maintenance look younger and more energetic than those who do not.

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