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Is it better to exfoliate at night or in the morning?

Exfoliating at night may be better.

when to exfoliate in your skin care routine

The reasons are as follows:

1. Skin Recovery Time: Exfoliating at night gives your skin all night to recover and repair. Since exfoliating may make the skin slightly sensitive or red and swollen, performing it at night avoids further irritation to the skin from the external environment.

2. Cleansing Effect is Better: During the accumulation of the day, the skin may be subject to the accumulation of dirt, oil and sweat stains. Exfoliating at night thoroughly cleans the skin and removes dead skin cells and impurities, leaving the skin feeling more refreshed and glowing.

3. Boosts absorption of other skin care products: Exfoliating can help other skin care products absorb and function better. After exfoliating in the evening, you can use moisturizing, moisturizing, or other skin care products with specific effects to allow them to better penetrate the skin and function effectively.

However, everyone’s skin condition and personal preferences may also vary. If your skin is sensitive or irritated to exfoliation, or you prefer to feel the refreshing results in the morning, then exfoliating in the morning can also be an option.

Moisturizing or exfoliating first?

Moisturize the skin first

Clean with cleansing products before exfoliating, wet the face, take an appropriate amount of exfoliating products in the palm of your hand, add water and mix to increase smoothness, avoid the eyes and lips, gently slide on the skin from the inside out to remove the dirt in the deep layer of the skin, from the nose up, along the bridge of the nose, slide to the side of the forehead, and then massage the entire forehead skin radially.

After that, on both sides of the bridge of the nose and the wings of the nose, the triangular area of the forehead and the chin, gently massage the neck skin with the pulp of the fingers from bottom to top, then change the edge of the face to a horizontal massage, and then wash off the exfoliating products on the face.

The order of exfoliation and toner?

I exfoliate first, then use facial cleanser, and then use toner.

The stratum corneum is the most superficial layer of the skin. Under normal circumstances, the upper layer of keratin will automatically renew and fall off every 28 days, and at the same time, the new keratin cells in the lower layer will be pushed up to keep the skin soft and smooth. However, due to the gradual aging of physiological age, external pressure and environmental factors, the metabolic function of the skin itself gradually slows down, causing old keratin to linger and new keratin to fail to transfer, because the appearance of thick keratin shows that the skin is rough and the skin pattern is disordered, which makes the skin look dull and lifeless, and indirectly affects the penetration and absorption of subsequent skin care products. Therefore, people need to exfoliate regularly to achieve better skin care results.

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