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Is fentybeauty Rihanna’s?

Yes, Fentybeauty is Rihanna’s makeup brand. In 2017, Rihanna launched her own personal brand, FentyBeauty, which is known for its inclusiveness and diversity. FentyBeauty’s tagline is “Beauty for Everyone” because its product line covers people of different skin tones, skin types and preferences. Rihanna is the founder and owner of this brand, and her personal taste and influence have largely shaped the image and success of FentyBeauty.

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Why is Rihanna called Day Day Day?

Because Rihanna’s English name is Rihanna, and fans like to abbreviate it as Riri, it has become a favorite name for her, and it is also a favorite name for fans.

Now it is taboo to mention Rihanna’s “Rihanna” (Rihanna), which is almost everyone on earth knows, mainly because of her outstanding achievements in all aspects, such as her old line of music. She won the Grammy 8 times and was nominated only 17 times.

In the fashion industry, she won the “Fashion Academy Award” – the CFDA’s high-value “Fashion Icon Award”; she is also the first black actress to win the endorsement of Dior: in the film and television industry, she was appreciated by the director Luc Besson, starring in “Star Agent: City of a Thousand Stars”, and will also participate in the big-name “Eight Arhats” next year.

In music: As a new generation, Rihanna has released 7 albums, an average of one a year, and the theme and style of each album are different. Every year, the tour is bursting, and it can be called a model worker; the voice is special, able to swim between HippopElectricUrbanRBReggae and other music genres; there are 12 champion singles, as well as many hot singles, the album has accumulated more than 10 million, leading the new generation; Grammy won 5 times, nominated 5 times, and other awards are too many to be repeated.

In fashion: has its own brand cosmetics, etc.; advertising endorsements, magazine covers are frequent; social networks are competing for the darling, because Rihanna herself was banned on Instagram, and later Instagram invited Rihanna to return to the community; Rihanna won the first “Idol Benchmark Award” at the 41st American Music Awards.

Rihanna is very hard in fashion. Looking at her ins account, you may think that singing is just her sideline, and even the personal introduction place does not forget to advertise Puma’s new products. Rihanna’s music style is mainly hip-hop, with street culture genes. Puma, who wants to be a trendy brand, first caught her. In December 2014, Rihanna became the creative director of Puma and also appeared in person to shoot advertisements. The following year, her first pair of shoes designed for Puma, the FentyPuma Creeper, sold out within three hours.

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