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Is buying dietary fiber health products paying IQ tax?

Dietary fiber is mainly a polysaccharide that cannot be used by the human body, that is, a polysaccharide that cannot be digested by digestive enzymes in the human gastrointestinal tract and is not absorbed and utilized by the human body. This type of polysaccharide mainly comes from complex carbohydrates in the plant cell wall, which can also be called non-starch polysaccharides, that is, polysaccharides that are not alpha-glucans, and is listed as the seventh major nutrient.

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As an adult eating habit, office workers generally eat out such as fast food, work meals or bring their own meals. Eating vegetables may not achieve the nutritional value required by the human body. Therefore, the role of health care products is to supplement the part that does not meet the standards. It may be a drop in the bucket but it is better over time. Health management is a lifelong career. Health care products are just a preventive measure. Plan in advance to avoid a small amount of body nutritional value. Mainly obtained by dietary habits.

Water-soluble dietary fiber ranking?


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