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People of different ages, genders, and constitutions have different calorie consumption even if they do the same exercise. If the age, weight, and height are the same, a runner and a sedentary person exercise at a speed of 8 kilometers per hour for 20 minutes, and the sedentary person consumes more energy than the athlete

How to calculate the calorie calculation formula?

How many calories do people need at least per day Formula 1: Female: BMR = 655 (9.6x weight kg) (1.8x height cm) – (4. 7X age years) Male: BMR = 66 (13.7x weight kg) (5x height cm) – (6.8x age years) People cannot lie down all the time, so the total calories you need per day need to be further calculated.

Using HarrisBenedictFormula, multiply your BMR by the activity coefficient (as follows): Almost no movement Calorie-Calculation=BMRx1. 2 Slight exercise (1-3 times per week) total need = BMRx1. 375 moderate exercise (3-5 times per week) total need = BMRx1. 55 active exercise (6-7 times per week) total need = BMRx1. 725 professional exercise (2 times the amount of exercise) total need = BMRx1. 9 For example, if you calculate the BMR result is 1745, basically no exercise, then you need 1745×1. 2 = 2094 calories to maintain the current weight. How to lose weight? Calorie consumed every day> calorie ingested, you will lose weight if you insist on it for a period of time. It is recommended to reduce the intake of 500-1000 calories per day, but not more than 1000, which is too much overdraft. AmericanCollegeofSportsMedicine (ACSM) Suggestions: Women should ensure that they consume at least 1200 calories per day, men 1800 calories. How many calories do people need at least every day? The daily calories of two adults (1 calorie = 4. 184 kilojoules) Men: 9250-10090 kilojoules Women: 7980-8820 kilojoules Note: The daily calories provided by food should be no less than 5000 kilojoules-7500 kilojoules. This is the least energy to maintain normal life activities of the human body. That is to say, you need to be healthy and eat at least 1200 calories a day. The calories consumed by people every day are at least the basic calories required by the human body for basal metabolism the calories required for physical activity the calories required for digesting food. Simple algorithm of basal metabolism = Women: Basic calories (kcal) = Weight (kcal) x10 Physical activity algorithm = weight (kg) * Activity intensity coefficient * Number of hours Example: 70kg person watching TV for 1 hour consumes 70 * 1. 4 * 1 = 98 calories The algorithm for digesting food = 10% * (the lowest calorie required for the basal metabolism of the human body the calorie required for physical activity) That is to say, a man of 60kg watching TV for a day should consume at least the basal metabolism = 60 * 2 * 10 = 1200 Physical activity = 70 * 1. 4 * 12 = 1176 Digest food = 10% * (600 1176) = 177 Total consumption = 1200 1176 177 = 2553 kcal 3. Common exercise consumption Swimming: 175 calories are consumed every half hour. It is an exercise for coordinating the movements of the whole body, which is good for enhancing cardiopulmonary function, exercise flexibility and strength. It is also beneficial for patients to recover their health. Women recover their body shape after giving birth. It is a good exercise for the elderly and people with thin bodies. Athletics: 450 calories per half hour. It can exercise the whole body. Basketball: 250 calories per half hour. It can enhance flexibility and strengthen cardiopulmonary function. Bicycle: 330 calories per half hour. Very beneficial to the heart, lungs and legs. Jogging: 300 calories per half hour. Beneficial to the heart, lungs and blood circulation. The longer the distance, the more calories consumed. Walking: 75 calories per half hour. Beneficial to the enhancement of cardiopulmonary function, it can improve blood circulation, move joints and help lose weight. Skipping rope: 400 calories per half hour. This is a bodybuilding exercise, which is of considerable help to various organs such as the cardiopulmonary system, coordination, posture, weight loss, etc. Table tennis: Consumes 180 calories per half hour. It is a full-body exercise, which is beneficial to the heart and lungs, and can exercise the movement and coordination of the center of gravity. Volleyball: Consumes 175 calories per half hour. It mainly enhances flexibility, bouncing power and physical strength, which is beneficial to the heart and lungs. Fourth, the unit of calories is converted into kilocalorie, kilocalorie 1 kcal = 4. 184 kJ 1 kcal: It is the calorie that can make 1 ml of water rise 1 degree Celsius. Due to the relative calorie intake, the unit of “calorie” is still too small. At present, nutrition generally uses “kcal” (also known as “large calorie”) as a unit. 1 kcal is equal to 1000 calorie, about 4186 joules. In informal settings and informal written records, “kilocalories” and “large calories” are often omitted as “cards”, and readers should pay attention to identify them according to common sense.

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