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Is birth weight related to IQ?

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what are intellectual needs related to weight management

The weight of a child at birth does not determine the IQ of a child. First of all, IQ and weight are not directly related. The weight of a child at birth is related to the nutritional intake of the mother, the inheritance of the parents, and the gender of men and women. Girls are generally born lighter than boys, and the parents are taller. The child should be relatively older and heavier at birth. The mother eats too much and too well during pregnancy, which can also easily cause the fetus to be too large and fat. Doctors generally recommend that women ensure more nutrition and activity during pregnancy, and the child is too fat to give birth.

Calculation formula for weight and water intake?

The daily water intake of a normal person is 1000–1200 ml.

The water requirement of a normal adult can be calculated according to body weight:

Daily water requirement (ml) = body weight (kg) X40 (ml).

The daily water requirement of a normal person is 2000–2500 ml, of which the water intake is 1000–1200 ml, the water content of food is 700–1000 ml, and the water produced by oxidized sugars, fats and proteins in the body is about 300 ml.

People can survive for several weeks without eating, but if people do not drink water, they can only survive for 4 to 7 days. Of course, this is related to environmental conditions. Each of us adults must drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day (about 1.5 to 2L) to replenish the water lost in our daily activities. However, for people of different weights and people of different occupations, the daily water intake varies. Adults and infants also have different water requirements. Infants and young children have a larger proportion of water content than adults, so they need to drink more water to meet the needs of body hydration. According to the calculation relationship recommended by the American Institute of Sports Medicine (SportsMedicineInstitute) for workers of different weights and occupations, after conversion, the following relationship can be obtained:

1) Mental workers, because they sit in the office all day long and sweat less, drink about 0% of their body weight every day. 0326 times, weight in kg, water intake in L as the unit. For example, a mental worker weighing 60kg should drink about 1.96L of water per day.

2) Manual labor workers, or people who regularly exercise in their spare time, drink about 0.0434 times of water per day, weight in kg, water intake in L as the unit. For example, a manual worker weighing 60kg should drink about 2.6L of water per day.

If you live in an arid area, or in the heat season, water intake should be increased. If you are preparing to participate in marathon long-distance running competitions, major sporting events, and are undergoing rigorous training, you should of course increase your water intake. Although eating some fruits or juices, beverages (including soda, coffee, tea, etc.) can also supplement your level, it is recommended to avoid excessive consumption of sugary and caffeinated beverages for health reasons.

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