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Introduction to famous cities in Oregon?

Portland (English: Portland, Maine) is located on the coast of the Gulf of Maine. It is the largest city in Maine and the county seat of Cumberland County in the United States. The population was opened in 1632 and changed to its current name in 1786. It has experienced four fires in history, so its motto is “I will start again”. Portland is named after the city.

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According to the US Census data, Portland has a population of about 7. 10,000 (2013), the metropolitan area has a population of more than 530,000. The economic center of Maine and northern New England. The port has a cargo volume of 6 million tons (1970), mainly importing oil. There are shipbuilding, petroleum processing, wood processing, shoemaking, food processing and other industries. Fisheries are prosperous. Birthplace of the famous poet Longfellow (1807-1882).

Portland is the largest city in Maine and the seat of Campoland County government. One-third of Maines live in the city of Greater Portland.

Tourists often visit the historic Portland style along the Portland Harbor at the former mouth of Casco Bay and the Arts District on Capitol Street in the Midtown District.

The city seal describes a phoenix rising from the ruins. Its motto, I will rise again (Iwillriseagain.), is based on the city’s five devastating fires. Portland’s public schools are the largest in Maine, with more than 7,000 students. There are about 230 restaurants in the city, which is known as the city with the largest number of restaurants per capita in the United States.

Time difference between Eugene, Oregon and Beijing?

15 hours

Eugene is located in UTC-8. 00 hours (West 8th District) daylight saving time, 15 hours slower than Beijing time.

The 2022 Oregon Athletics World Championships will be held in Eugene, Oregon, USA from July 15th to 24th local time.

Founded in 1846, Eugene is the third largest city in Oregon, USA, after the largest city Portland and the state capital Salem. It has the reputation of “Emerald City” and “Athletics City”.

The 50 state names and provincial capitals of the United States?

State Name (State Abbreviation) Capital Alabama Alabama–AL Montgomery Montgomery Alaska Alaska–AK Juneau Arizona Arizona–AZ Phoenix Arkansas Arkansas–AR Little Rock Littlerock California California–CA Sacramento Sacramento Colorado Colorado–CO Denver Denver Connecticut Connecticut–CT Hartford Hartford Delaware Delaware–DE Dover Florida Florida–FL Tallahassee Georgia Georgia–GA Atlanta Atlanta Hawaii Hawaii–HI Honolulu Idaho Idaho–ID Boise Illinois Illinois–IL Springfield Springfield Indiana–IN Indianapolis Indianapolis Iowa–IA Des Moines DesMoines Kansas Kansas–KS Topeka Topeka Kentucky–KY Frankfurt Frankfort Louisiana Louisiana–LA Baton Rouge Maine Maine–ME Augusta Augusta Maryland Maryland–MD Annapolis Massachusetts Massachusetts etts–MA Boston Boston Michigan Michigan–MI Lansing Lansing Minnesota Minnesota–MN St. Paul St. Paul Mississippi–MS Jackson Jackson Missouri Missouri–MO JeffersonCity Montana Montana–MT Helena Helena Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska–NE Lincoln Nevada Nevada–NV Carson City CarsonCity New Hampshire Newhampshire–NH Concord New Jersey Newjersey–NJ Trenton New Mexico Newmexico–NM Santa Fe SantaFe New York Newyork–NY Albany North Carolina to Northcarolina–NC Naroli Raleigh North Dakota Northdakota–ND Bismarck Bismarck Ohio Ohio–OH Columbus Oklahoma–OK OklahomaCity OklahomaCity Oregon Oregon–OR Salem Salem Pennsylvania Pennsylvania –PA Harrisburg Rhodeisland–RL Providence South Carolina Southcarolina–SC Columbia South Dakota Southdakota–SD Pierre Tennessee–TN Nashville Nashville Texas Texas–TX Austin Austin Utah Utah–UT Salt Lake City SaltLakeCity Vermont Vermont–VT Montpelier Virginia VirginiaVA –Richmond Richmond Washington Washington–WA Olympia West Virginia Westvirginia–WV Charleston Charleston Wisconsin –WI Madison Wyoming Wyoming–WY Cheyenne Cheyenne

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