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Introduction to cosmetic tools?

1. Base makeup tools

skin care routine products with electric brush

Sponge: Mainly used for foundation. Generally, there are round, triangular and cylindrical (conical) shapes. Round sponges are characterized by a slightly hard texture and a large area, suitable for a large area of priming on the forehead and cheeks. Using different shapes of sponges to base can make the base makeup more detailed.

Puff: Mainly used for powder (honey powder, that is, setting powder). Commonly used are round puffs and honey brushes. Round puffs also have many sizes. Large puffs are suitable for large areas, and small puffs are suitable for local makeup.

Blush brush: slightly smaller than honey brush, there are two types of oblique and flat, and the top of the bristles is semi-circular; oblique angle is suitable for the modification of T-shaped parts and cheekbones, also known as facial contour brush; large brush can be used for large areas of coloring and brushing to remove excess honey powder.

2. Eye makeup tools

Tweezers: trim the eyebrow shape by plucking out excess stray hair from the eyebrows. Through the plucking form, the stray hair grows out more slowly, and the eyebrow shape is maintained for a long time.

Eyebrow trimmer: For people with rapid growth of eyebrows and need to remove large areas of hair, the eyebrow shaver is really a good helper. It can remove excess messy eyebrows without destroying the original eyebrow shape, safely and quickly.

Eyebrow trimmer: Trim short and long eyebrows. Make it more comfortable to rest the shape of the eyebrows while cutting off excess eyebrows.

Eyelash curler: Used to make the eyelashes curl up. If the eyelashes are not easy to shape, you can use an electric eyelash curler.

Eyebrow brush: Most of them are hard brushes with an oblique head made of nylon or man-made fibers. Before trimming and thrush, you can use an eyebrow brush to sweep the eyebrows neatly. After the thrush, you can swipe the eyebrow brush in the direction of the eyebrows to make the eyebrow color natural and the eyebrow shape neat.

Eyebrow pencil: A familiar makeup tool used to improve eyebrow shape. Skilled sisters have also begun to use eyebrow powder.

Eyebrow brush: The brush head is tilted and flat. In addition to taking eyebrow powder to draw a suitable and clear eyebrow shape, it is also easy to grasp when using eyeliner.

False eyelashes: There are not many people who wear false eyelashes in real life, but if you try false eyelashes when participating in parties or taking photos, you can often get extraordinary results. Various colored false eyelashes, the effect is even more dazzling.

Eyeshadow brush: A flat body round head brush, divided into large, medium and small. The large one is generally used to apply base color, which can be evenly applied at one time, covering the entire eye socket position; the medium one is used for small block coloring; the smallest one can be carefully drawn, which is more accurate for eyeliner painting. More suitable for powdery eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow stick: A bit similar to a cotton swab, used for local coloring and multi-color eyeshadow smudging, which can make eye makeup natural. It can also be used for germanium rib and frost eyeshadow. The oval head is suitable for large area coloring and pushing evenly, and the pointed eyeshadow stick is suitable for small area painting.

Eyeliner: It is used to draw eyeliner, which can make the outline of the eyes more distinct. There are also sisters who are more skilled in makeup skills who use eyeliner to draw eyeliner.

Eyeliner brush: The shape is a little similar to that of a lip brush, but the brush head is more slender and the hair is softer, which is suitable for eyeliner.

Eyelash brush: Some shape like a small comb, while others are similar to the brush head of mascara, which is spiral-shaped. After applying mascara, use it to brush open the glued mascara to make the eyelashes look neater. Most of the mascara sold on the market are dual-purpose types for eyelashes and eyebrows, which are very convenient to use.

3. Lip Makeup Tool

Lip Brush: The hair is hard, allowing you to easily control the brush point. Whether using lipstick or lip gloss, using a lip brush can help you draw detailed lines and modify lip shape. If you are interested, you can also try painting on your lips with a lip brush yourself.

4. Nail Art Tool

Nail Clippers: Mainly used to trim all types of nails, including crystal nails and natural fingers.

Nail Files: Suitable for trimming half-length nails. Polish the edge of the nail horizontally from both sides to the middle. Do not let the file surface be perpendicular to the tip of the nail, but slightly tilt to the side of the fingertip under the nail to remove the burrs of the nail.

Dead skin pliers: used to cut off dead skin around the nail. It is best for beginners to choose dead skin pliers with soft springs and only trim obvious dead skin

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