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Immigrant physical examination program?

First, physical examination, physical examination of facial features, thyroid, skin, surgery, electrocardiogram and other physical examinations, and evaluation of mental status.

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Second, “tuberculin reaction test” (tuberculosis and the like). But only people over the age of two do this test.

Third, “serum test” is carried out. Only people over the age of fifteen are drawn to check for “HIV” and “syphilis”. If the doctor suspects that people under the age of fourteen may be infected with these viruses, the doctor can test them in this regard.

Fourth, “immunization vaccine” is given.

Problems that should be paid attention to in the immigration medical examination to the United States:

If one person is sick, the whole family refuses the visa. The immigration medical examination is conducted on a family basis. Both the main applicant and his dependents (spouse and children) are required to participate in the medical examination. Even if some family members do not currently apply to go to the United States, they must also participate in the medical examination. Within a certain period of time, sometimes a family can undergo the medical examination at different times and in different places. The immigration medical examination policy is somewhat strict. If any one person in a family fails the medical examination, the application of the whole family will be rejected.

There are three treatment results for illness. Generally speaking, the diseases covered by the medical examination of immigrant visas in the United States are infectious diseases, such as AIDS, tuberculosis, syphilis, etc., and some chronic diseases with high medical expenses are also included. Once these key diseases are detected, the Immigration Bureau will often have three reactions: 1. It is confirmed that they have recovered and an immigrant visa is issued. This process takes 1 month.

2. For those who are diagnosed as inactive or properly treated, the Immigration Bureau will issue visas, but the applicant is required to sign a guarantee of regular inspections. After going to the United States, they must go to the hospital regularly for examination.

3. After further inspection, those who are determined to be active or not properly treated must undergo comprehensive treatment, and the immigration is temporarily put on hold.

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