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I want to do in vitro deworming for dogs, and I bought Han Chongxin. Is there anything to pay attention to in usage and dosage?

Someone answered the spray. Then I will answer the drops. Because I have just used it. When using this medicine, you must pay attention to dispensing the medicine according to the dog’s weight. How much is the weight and how much is the dosage? It is written on the outer package of the medicine box. Pay attention to it! In addition, the drops are suitable for dogs over 8 weeks old and more than 2kg. Pay attention to this too! The medicine should be dripped on the hair between the dog’s shoulder blades, otherwise they will lick it. The medicine should be dripped on the skin, and be careful not to drip on the hair. Generally, it can be effectively dewormed once a month.

weight management supplement for dog

Drugs that dogs can eat to strengthen their stomach and nourish their stomach?

Dogs can eat stomach-strengthening and digestive tablets. Generally, dogs can be fed a little in moderation when they have indigestion, and the amount should be controlled when feeding.

Strictly speaking, dogs cannot be given drugs for human consumption without authorization, thinking that the dog’s body structure and reaction to drugs are different from people. Simply put, the same amount of drugs can cure and save lives for people, but may be fatal for pet dogs. Moreover, some drugs are good for people, but may not have a good effect on dogs

Of course, not all drugs used by humans in life cannot be used by dogs. Some drugs are harmless for dogs as long as they pay attention to the use of metering. For example, many times dogs catch a cold, in order to save the emergency, veterinarians will also allow the use of cold granules used by children (using metering reasonably according to the dog’s weight) to treat pet dogs.

Of course, when the pet dog has gastrointestinal discomfort and indigestion, you can also try to give the dog some stomach-strengthening and digestive tablets. Note that the dog cannot eat according to the measurement of human consumption, but should be given to the dog reasonably according to the dog’s weight. Of course, if there are dog-specific drugs that strengthen the stomach and promote digestion, then only dog-specific drugs can be used.

How much is the dosage of 0.5 kg of Teddy Dog Baipongqing?

The pet dog is measured per kg of body weight at one time, which is equivalent to 1 tablet of Baipongqing per 10kg body weight!

Your dog is only one catty. It is recommended to consult a professional doctor before taking it!

How to use Bug Easy Clear Dogs?


First, when feeding the dog deworming medicine, measure the dog’s weight and feed it according to the dose! It is recommended to feed the dog on an empty stomach in the morning


Step/Method 2

After eating for 2 hours, feed the dog food. When feeding, if the dog does not resist, you can open its mouth and push the medicine directly to the root of its tongue, allowing the dog to eat it by itself! If the dog is more resistant, you can mix the deworming medicine with the food and feed it


Step/Method 3 Secondly, the puppy should be dewormed for the first time after weaning. Puppies under 6 months old should be dewormed once a month. Adult dogs are dewormed once a quarter, and breeding bitches are dewormed once before breeding. Nursing bitches can be dewormed at the same time as pups

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