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I prefer to sweat, especially in summer, what kind of skin care products are suitable for me?

Cleansing: You can choose a facial cleanser with strong decontamination power, focusing on cleaning the oily skin on the forehead, nose, mouth and jaw, while the cheeks are just passing by

weekly routine for skin care

to achieve a comprehensive cleaning effect. When cleansing, you can also wash your face alternately with hot and cold water. You can wash the “T” part with warm water, and then wash the whole face with cold water


(For people with mixed skin, the T-word will cause a lot of blackheads due to excessive oil secretion, which clogs the pores and looks greasy. In this case, you should use special cleansing products to completely remove the oil and dirt hidden in the pores, so that the skin can receive skin care treatment more effectively and balance the excessive oil secretion.)

Facial massage: When doing treatment in a beauty salon, the oily skin can be massaged with a degreasing massage cream and a point massage technique for acne treatment. And

dry skin parts, you can choose nutritional placenta cream or massage oil for facial massage, which not only achieves the effect of fat removal, but also adds nutrients to dry parts,

Mutual adjustment improves the nature of the skin.

Mask: When choosing a mask, choose according to different needs. Dry skin special masks can be used on the jaw, nose, pharynx and lower forehead, such as fruit and vegetable masks.

Skin care products:

Use two different softeners for different parts. Dab the toner near the T-zone, and apply the moisturizing and moisturizing softening water to the dry cheeks with a cotton sheet.

In the dry season, use a moisturizing lotion on the entire face, especially on the cheeks. You can focus on applying it. Then wipe off the excess lotion on the oily areas with a tissue. For dry skin (u), it is important to replenish nutrients and moisture. You can choose a moisturizing product, such as a nutritional placenta cream, and apply it to the cheeks.


In daily life, pay more attention to the balance of diet, you can eat a lot of fruits and vegetables rich in VitA, VitB, VitC, etc., eat less high-fat and spicy irritating foods, drink more boiled water, which has a good auxiliary effect on skin conditioning.

Pay attention during daily maintenance:

Mixed skin should take into account the dry part when doing clean maintenance, and the oily part when doing moisturizing maintenance. Skin maintenance should be done in different regions, so that it is better for the skin to be maintained in a single minute, and the characteristics of mixed skin cannot be fully taken care of. The condition of mixed skin is not very stable, sometimes very dry, sometimes strong sebum secretion, so in daily routine maintenance, it is best to change the maintenance method according to the skin condition of the day.

When cleaning the skin every day, wash it once more on the oily part, and use a scrub for a deep cleansing in three days on the oily part,

(exfoliation). Give the skin regular cleaning, apply it to the face, and be sure to make a mask when applying it to the face. Use a refreshing mask on the T-shaped part, and a moisturizing and nutritious mask on the dry part. To strengthen moisturizing work, do not apply greasy skin care products. The dry part should focus on moisturizing, and use a hot compress to promote metabolism. Use makeup water and moisturizing lotion to strengthen moisturization to replenish moisture. Pay more attention to diet balance, drink more boiled water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and eat less greasy and spicy food, which has a good auxiliary effect on skin conditioning. To prevent sun damage to the skin, wear sunscreen and a sun hat when going out

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