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I heard that Japanese people are very good at maintenance. What kind of skin care products do they use? What kind of skin care products are better in Japan?

Because of foreign trade work, I know some Japanese friends who do look younger than their real age. A few simple summary points are 1. Japanese people’s eating habits are light, seafood, barbecue, shabu, sushi, ramen, etc., unlike China’s rich and diverse diet. 2. Japanese people place a high degree of emphasis on etiquette, especially women will put on makeup before going out to present their best side. Men will also perm their hair, trim their eyebrows, and enhance their personal image. 3. There are many cosmetic brands in Japan, and there are many types. Every year, there will be rankings of various skin care products and cosmetics. Various manufacturers are also constantly researching cosmetics that improve skin quality. Shiseido, a number of brands under KOSE, the price is hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands, you can try it according to your own situation, and ALBION Orbin is also good, but I think it is average to use healthy water. 4. But ⚠️ the most important point is the mentality. Japanese people are not satisfied with old age, and the mentality is young. To give a few simple examples ① The old man with gray hair on the tram holds a briefcase and a newspaper in one hand. The bag is placed on the ground and relies on his legs to maintain balance while reading the newspaper. If you give him a seat, he will not sit. He thinks he is still young and does not need others to give up his seat. I tried it, and they really do not sit. ② Many of the taxi drivers in Japan are the elderly. When taking a taxi, the luggage is very heavy. It is unbearable for the elderly to move to the trunk, but he will resolutely move it up alone and move it to the road over the curb for you when he gets off the bus. ③ When she was in college, she was a foreign teacher in Japan in her 60s, and she rode a mountain bike across Yanhong Bridge with gray hair. At that time, it was a beautiful scenery in the school. She will go to many countries to teach Japanese and experience the local life. Live a chic look that others envy. So, keep a good attitude, keep exercising, and don’t leave maintenance behind, even if the gray hair is still young.

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