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I am 21, I have oily skin, both long beans and long spots. What skin care products should I use first?

Miss, 21 years old, I must have stayed up late and played with my mobile phone. In addition, you have oily skin, and you can guess the reason for your acne based on these two points alone.

skin care routine for spot prone skin

1. Staying up late and living an irregular diet at a young age.

2. At a young age, strong hormones lead to strong skin oil secretion.


If you want to effectively remove acne, in addition to cooperating with treatment, personal care and maintenance, a light diet, and regular rest, etc., for the three major acne factors of acne, oil, and bacteria, it is improved by cleaning, exfoliating, and balancing oil to prevent acne.

Correct cleaning is the first step in acne removal

Many people think that cleaning is to wash the oil on the surface of the skin, but in fact, the surface acne problem usually originates from the bottom of the muscle. Unless you use cleaning products that can penetrate deep into the bottom layer of the pores, with the addition of conditioning oil secretion and bacteriostatic ingredients, you can truly achieve the effect of cleaning and prevention. Generally common acne-removing ingredients include salicylic acid, fruit acid, etc., which can also be matched with antibacterial ingredients.

In addition, the way you wash your face is also very important. Rub the facial cleanser out of the foam and gently wash the whole face carefully. Do not wash your face with too hot water, because too hot water will over-expand the pores, wash off too much sebum, and destroy the balance of water and oil.

Promote exfoliation metabolism

Regularly exfoliate to reduce the chance of acne and acne formation. If you have acne skin, try not to use physical exfoliation products to avoid excessive friction on the skin’s hands. It is recommended to choose chemical exfoliation products.

Don’t squeeze acne randomly

Try not to squeeze acne indiscriminately to avoid leaving scars. If it is acne that has suppurated, you can use a completely disinfected tool to squeeze out the pus and clean it up to avoid re-inflammation caused by pus remaining in the pores.

Finally, if you want to eradicate acne, you must adjust your personal routine, avoid staying up late, stress, and patiently cooperate with treatment. If you can adhere to good personal care, the effect will be better.

Let’s talk about the reasons for spots, like you are only 21, which is the best state of your skin. In addition to genetic and other factors such as spots, it is very likely that the sun protection is not done properly.

The basic hydration and sunscreen for long spots must be done in place. Wear a hat and umbrella when you go out. The penetrating power of ultraviolet rays is relatively strong, and it is indeed hot. You can’t just enter summer. The spots have not been removed, and the skin is darker~

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