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Huami t-rexpro is connected to the scale?

. Find the “Settings” option in the mobile phone page and open it.

and certification weight management

2. Find the “Bluetooth” option in the “Settings” page and turn on the Bluetooth function.

3. Put your phone close to the Yunmai mini body fat scale to scan and connect. When the Yunmai mini body fat scale appears in a nearby device, click the Yunmai mini body fat scale to connect.

4. When connecting, the mobile phone will perform security authentication. When the security certification is completed to 100%, the Yunmai mini body fat scale will be connected.

Top ten recommended 10km running shoes?

The length of 10 kilometers is generally the longest distance we run. If you often run ten kilometers, you should also pay attention to the choice of running shoes. Today, I recommend several ten-kilometer running shoes to you. The cushioning, stability and support are all leveraged!

The first pair, Kayano24

Friends who know a little about Asics must be surprised to see that it is kayano24. Although kayano24 is indeed a good pair of running shoes, why not say 25? 25 is currently the strongest running shoe for Asics. I want to say that there can be, but there is no need.

Compared to 25, the 24 is indeed slightly inferior in performance, but it was the best running shoe in the world two years ago. Whether it is GEL’s cushioning, Flytefoam’s own durability and other I. G. S. certified comprehensive strength. Whether it is support, cushioning or rebound, the kayano24 can fully meet our daily running needs (and even exceed). And the most important point is that this pair can still rank 24 in the top running shoes, and the price is cheaper than 25.

The second pair, Epicreact

Nike’s react material has the characteristics of lightweight rebound. The weight of the epicreact shoe is also controlled in a small range, and it can also be called a pair of lightweight running shoes.

React not only has good rebound and excellent weight advantage, but also its cushioning effect and foot feel are quite good, and it feels full of vitality. For a long time of exercise, the performance of the react should also be very good.

The third pair, NB1080v9

Like Asics, NB is also one of the four major running shoes in the world, but he is the peak of the four major running shoes. NB’s 1080v9 should be one of the more popular running shoes in NB. Even many people are wearing 1080v9 when they reach their X-kilometer running goal for the first time.

Freshfoam is particularly full of materials on 1080v9, and you can see the high and raised midsole at a glance. Although the midsole is thicker, the weight of the whole pair of shoes is lighter than the previous generation. And along with some other structural designs, it further strengthens the stability of 1080v9.

The fourth pair, MizunowaveSonic

This pair of Mizuno wave running shoes is quite suitable for some people who will keep running but will not run very far. If you usually don’t run more than 5 kilometers, then the sonic should be very cost-effective for you.

Sonic Although the shoe body belongs to the category of slightly heavier running shoes, its cushioning ability is quite good. The wave film naturally has a lower limit advantage in cushioning, which is more friendly for some heavy runners. The wear-resistant rubber of the X10 also has a very good grip, and the U4IcX midsole can also provide good cushioning and rebound assistance. The most important thing is that such a pair of well-functioning mechanical shock-absorbing running shoes is very cheap.

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