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How to write winter skin care pop?

1. Title: Use a short and eye-catching title to attract the attention of customers. Some alluring words can be chosen, such as “healthy skin, do your best in winter skin care pop” or “rejuvenate, start with winter skin care pop”.

k pop skin care routine

2. Image: Use a high-quality picture on the poster to show the effect of winter skin care pop. Make sure the picture is bright, clear, attractive, and able to attract the eyes of customers.

3. Features: List the features and advantages of winter skin care pop on the poster. For example, it is possible to emphasize the natural ingredients of the product, medical approval, repair and moisturizing effect on the skin, etc.

4. Promotional Information: Clearly list promotional information such as discounts, giveaways or other offers on the poster. Make sure this information is clear at a glance to attract customer interest.

Personal Apparel New Media Marketing Planning Plan?

Clothing Marketing Planning Plan (1):

1. Event Planning

(1) Event Theme

New Store, New Gift, New Fashion

New Store Add Fashion

Fashion New Store, Good Gift Meet

(2) Event Time: During Qixi Festival

Event Period: Ten days from the date of opening (the key is the first 5 days)

Choose Saturday or Sunday, preferably holidays to open.

(3) Target audience

People from all walks of life aged 25-40;

This event will also attract some men through the selection of promotional gifts.

2. Preliminary preparations

1. All staff of the specialty store are deeply familiar with the theme and form of this event;

2. During the event, shopping guides, promoters, executive heads, etc. should arrive early to confirm that all preparations are in place;

3. Place theme posters before business every day to check whether other promotional materials, promotional gifts, etc. are available;

4. DM or other flyers are placed in the store for customers to pick up (corporate internal magazine);

5. Special opening promotion areas and business promotion desks are set up, and a special person is responsible;

6 A special person is responsible for material preparation: banners, posters, newspapers, promotional gifts;

7. Put away the theme posters and other image pictures after the business ends every day;

8. Pay attention to sorting out and timely entering the information of consumers holding VIP cards into the computer for filing.

Company headquarters supply:

a. Responsible for the design of all promotional advertising pictures, posters, roller banners, banners, gift packaging, etc. for this promotion;

b. The franchisee is responsible for the coordination, implementation and supervision of this “new store opening” promotion plan;

c. The store manager is responsible for counting the number of gifts and tracking the distribution of gifts;

d. Supervise the implementation of promotional plans, promotional gifts, VIP cards, opening carpets, picture albums, corporate newspapers, etc.;

e. The area manager supervises the implementation of end point gifts and activity materials, tracking, promotion guidance, supervision, promotion effect evaluation, etc.

3. Create an atmosphere at the end point

(1) Principles for creating an atmosphere

1. Close combination of themes to form a theme performance;

2. Highlight the sense of grandeur and visual effect;

3. Brand logos appear in all promotional materials, highlighting the “fashionable” and “corporate” culture;

4. Appear with a unified brand visual image to reflect the norms of brand operation.

(2), momentum planning

1. Surrounding blocks

a store near the street and the main road in the urban area;

b store near the street sign publicity;

c commercial concentration area, key block DM distribution;

2. Outside the store

A balloon is set up in front of the door;

b building hangs giant colored vertical signs;

c door is decorated with balloons and bouquets;

d store sets up a large theme poster (for opening) in front of the store to announce the opening surprise event

3. In-store

A welcome and shopping guide lady is set up in the store

b There is a special opening promotion area for event promotions, gifts and souvenirs. C POP flags are hung on the top.

d In-store themed posters (for new products) promotion.

e Distribution of on-site flyers.

IV. Promotional activities

(1) Be polite at the door

After entering the door, small gifts such as pens, lighters, notebooks, keychains, etc. are randomly distributed.

(2) Try on courteous

Customers who try on the clothes in the store can get a pair of cotton socks worth 29 yuan

(3) Membership system

If you send shopping customers, the first 50 will be given a membership card. After registration, you will become a permanent member of xx, and enjoy abnormal discounts on purchasing xx brand clothing and other VIP exclusive activities. If you shop and spend more than 300 yuan, you will get a mug. If you shop and spend more than 300 yuan, you will get a mug for the first 50-100. If you shop and spend more than 300 yuan to register as a member, you will get a mug. Target customer groups of the event: Focus on young couples or families of three. Print the photos of your lovers or family members on the mugs, so that the people you like can be by your side at all times.

Equipment can rent the equipment of a professional personalized color printing shop, or jointly organize this event with a professional personalized color printing shop.

(4) Redeem points for gifts

During 20xx years, all holders of VIP cards who spend in the store can enjoy membership points, including: “VIP Gold Card”, the point method is 1. 5 times points, that is, when the customer spends 1 yuan, the VIP card will automatically accumulate 1. 5 points;

The other category is “VIP Card”, the point method is that when the customer spends 1 yuan, the VIP card will accumulate 1 point. The points will be accumulated during the year, and the shopping card will be given back in November 20xx according to the amount of points in each VIP card.

How to give back: At the end of the year, when the member consumption points of our store reach more than 5,000 points, our store will give back according to the specific consumption amount. The minimum threshold for point feedback is 5,000 points, and every 1,000 points can be exchanged for a 10 yuan coupon. The redeemed “coupon” can be purchased in the audience of our store (this feedback coupon is limited to special counters and products on the first floor of our store). At the same time, if the member points reach the corresponding standard, you can also choose one of the coupon and the designated goods of skin care cosmetics. The specific feedback method is that if the member points reach 6,000 points, you can give back a 60 yuan coupon or choose one of the two with skin care cosmetics; if you reach 8,000 points, you can give back an 80 yuan coupon or a boutique belt skin care cosmetics, while the skin care cosmetics last. After receiving the prize, the corresponding points in the membership card will be deducted immediately.

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