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How to write slim English words?


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English [slım] beauty [slım]

adj. slim; slender; tiny; poor

vt. make… lose weight; make… slim

vi. Lose weight; get thinner


CarlosSlim Carlos Slim; Slim; Slim; Muelu

SlimFit men; slim fit; slim fit; slim fit

slimhole small bore drilling

slimdown thin

Example sentences

1, Wanttohaveaslimfigure, shareyourfoodwiththehungry.

Want to have a slim figure, share your food with those who are hungry.

2, Youarechoosingpossiblelungcanceranddeathovertreatingyourbodywithrespect, allinanefforttobeslim.

You are choosing the possibility of developing lung cancer, and dying of disrespect for your body, all in order to stay slim.

Extended Information


1, slender

English [‘slend] beauty [‘ slnd]

adj. Slender; slender; meager


SlenderShrew Slender Shrew

SlenderMan Slender Ghost; Skinny Man; Faceless Man; Mysterious Man

slenderskirt [costume] slender-waisted skirt

Example Sentences

Theynever, however, gotmorethanthisslenderfootholdonthepeninsula.

They never, however, surpassed this slender foothold peninsula.

2, willowy

English [‘wılıć] beauty [‘ wıloi]

adj. Slender; soft


Willowyflounder plaice

willowyphysique Slender figure

willowyculm wicker

Example sentences

Pronghorn, dependentondistancevisionandspeedtokeepsafefrompredators, donotlikewillowybottomlands, Seidlerexplained.

Seidler explains that pronghorn antelopes rely on distance vision and speed to avoid predators and dislike willow-shaded depressions.

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