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How to wipe cosmetics according to the procedure?

The first step is to clean the face, clean the face with warm water and mild detergent, cleaning the skin is the key to care, not only can remove facial dirt, dust, but also dredge pores, which is very useful for the absorption effect of skin care products.

simple but effective skin care routine

The second step is to apply toner, which is also a deep cleansing for the skin, which can not only moisturize the skin, but also shrink pores, so the second skin care step is also very important.

The third step is to apply the essence. The essence is the most nutritious product among all skin care products, and the price is higher. It is divided into two types: water and oil. The anti-wrinkle moisturizing and whitening effect is good, and it is also an important step in skin care.

The fourth step is eye care, that is, applying eye cream. The skin around the eyes needs more maintenance than the skin in other places, because it is easy to grow wrinkles and bags under the eyes, and the skin here is delicate and fragile.

The fifth step, the moisturizing cream can lock water and improve the quality of the skin. It is an important step in the skin care steps, never ignore it.

These are the daily skin care steps. Using the correct skin care steps for skin care will get double the effect.

What is the correct makeup routine?

1. After washing your face, apply skin care products, such as cream, cream, milk, honey, etc., mainly for skin care.

2. When applying foundation, foundation should be applied according to the person’s face shape. When applying foundation to a square face, do not apply it to the jaws on both sides, which maintains an egg-shaped face.

3. When applying foundation, do not apply it to the eyebrows or eyelids, because the black eyebrows show “white cream” after applying foundation, which is unsightly and unnatural.

4. When rubbing fragrance powder. After applying foundation, set makeup with fragrance powder. The powder should not be rubbed too thick. People with dark skin should not use it.

5. Apply eyeshadow and draw eyeliner.

6. When drawing eyeliner, use eyeliner to stick to the eyelashes. The upper eyeliner can be heavier, and the lower eyeliner should not be drawn too thick and too heavy.

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