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How to whiten and care for your skin with lemon?

It can be made into lemon juice, and you can whiten it if you insist on drinking it every day. Tools/materials: lemon, honey

skin care routine with lemon

1. First rinse the skin of the lemon with water, and rinse it several times.

2. Then cut the lemon into slices, take out the seeds and throw it away.

3. Then prepare a glass jar and an appropriate amount of honey, and then put a slice of lemon and add a spoonful of honey.

4. If you want to drink lemonade, take out a slice of lemon, scoop in a spoonful of honey, and rinse it with water before drinking.

How to use lemon whale?

How to use 1: Skin care product preparation

Lemon essential oil has whitening, oil balance, astringent and other effects. It has a good effect on skin care. As long as you mix the base oil according to a certain proportion, or drop it into toner, mask, cream, etc., you can use it! Of course, it can also be used to prepare flower water.

How to use 2: Massage

Use lemon essential oil to prepare base oil or prepare other essential oils for massage. It is a very good way to use lemon essential oil, and the effect of massage will be doubled.

How to use 3: Soaking method

Lemon essential oil also has the effect of lubricating the skin, eliminating fatigue and relaxing nerves. If you take a shower, drop a few lemon essential oil in the bathtub and use it to soak the body, you can achieve these effects~

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