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How to use the vacuum negative pressure pore cleanser

1. Wash the cosmetics on the skin to keep the skin clean. Do not use on skin coated with cleanser or cleansing soap.

when to use pore vacuum in skin care routine

2. Remove the tank cover and inject tap water into the tank.

3. Slide the power switch to “1”, and the spray nozzle will spray a fine water mist.

4. Slowly move this product around the tip of the nose. Do not let the suction nozzle stay in one place for a long time; if the spray nozzle is directly attached to the skin to improve adhesion, the spray will automatically stop.

5. Move above the nose in the direction of the arrow.

6. Wash the face, then use the usual skin care products to keep the face moist enough.

Small coup for closing pores?

1. Yogurt shrinks pores

Mix and stir with yogurt and honey in a three-to-one ratio, apply to the face, and wash off after 15 minutes. Honey can not only shrink pores but also increase skin elasticity

2. Beer shrinks pores

Although drinking beer will grow a beer belly, its beauty effect cannot be denied. The vitamin B and zinc contained in beer are very helpful for shrinking pores. The operation method is also very simple. Soak the cotton pad directly in the beer, apply it to the part with large pores after 3 minutes, and wait for the moisture of the cotton pad to be sucked dry.

3. Aloe vera shrinks pores

Aloe vera not only has the effect of moisturizing and freckle removal, but also is very useful for calming the skin and shrinking pores. Before going to bed every night, apply fresh aloe vera juice to the face. After sticking to it for a period of time, the effect will be very significant. In addition, if there is no fresh aloe vera, you can also buy aloe vera gel instead.

4. Lemon juice shrinks pores

Everyone knows that drinking lemon juice can whiten, but in fact, lemon juice is also very effective for converging pores, reducing acne and facial blisters. The operation method is also very simple. Put a few drops of lemon juice in water, and then wash your face with water, but pay attention to the concentration. It should not be too thick or directly apply the lemon juice to your face, otherwise it will easily cause skin allergies.

5. Chestnut skin shrinks pores

Mash fresh chestnut skin into powder, take an appropriate amount of secretion and blend it, and apply it to your face, you can effectively shrink pores.

6. Egg white shrinks pores

I believe everyone has done the egg white mask. It can not only tighten the skin, but also dilute the skin lines and prevent skin aging. If you feel that it is troublesome to apply the mask, then use it to wash your face. It also has the effect of reducing pores. After getting wet, apply egg white to the face, and then wash it off with water. You will see the effect after sticking to it for 1 month.

7. Ice towel shrinks pores

Applying ice towel to the face not only shrinks capillaries, reduces skin itching, but also reduces irritation and relieves skin allergic reactions. When the pores are large, you can apply a frozen towel to the face after getting up and cleansing, let the pores tighten and then rub skin care products, the effect will be obvious.

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