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How to use the truffle small white tube and how long to use it?

The truffle small white tube is a beauty product, usually used for facial skin care. The following is a detailed introduction about: How to use: Clean the face: Before using the truffle small white tube, clean the face with cleansing products to remove dirt and oil. Open the truffle small white tube: Gently unscrew the tube cover and squeeze an appropriate amount of the truffle small white tube into the palm of your hand. Apply evenly: Apply the truffle small white tube evenly to the face, paying attention to avoid the eyes and lips. Massage absorption: Gently massage the face with the pulp of your fingers to help the truffle small white tube absorb better. Follow-up maintenance: After waiting for the truffle small white tube to be fully absorbed, follow-up maintenance steps can be carried out according to personal needs, such as using lotions, creams Time of Use: Use in the morning and evening: Truffle small white tube can be used after cleansing in the morning and evening to keep the skin moisturized and shiny. Skin Care Procedure: Truffle small white tube is usually used for the essence step in the skin care routine, and can be used after cleansing, after toner. Frequency of Use: According to individual skin type and needs, you can use truffle small white tube every day, or according to product instructions. It should be noted that everyone’s skin type and needs are different. It is best to conduct a skin test before using truffle small white tube to ensure that it will not cause allergies or discomfort. In addition, use truffle small white tube correctly according to the product instructions and combine it with other skin care products that suit your skin type to achieve the best skin care results. If you have any doubts, it is recommended to consult a professional beautician or dermatologist.

How to use Brightening?

Brightening is a cosmetic product used to increase the glow and brightness of the skin. Here are the regular steps to use Brightening: 1. Preparation: Before using Brightening, make sure that the face has been cleaned and apply the moisturizer or cream that suits you. 2. Squeeze out the right amount of Brightening Product: According to personal needs, gently squeeze out the right amount of Brightening Product on the back of the hand or makeup sponge. 3. Apply evenly: Use the pulp of your fingers or makeup sponge to evenly apply the Brightening Product to the areas of the face that need to be brightened, such as the forehead, bridge of the nose, chin and cheeks. 4. Tap and push away: Gently pat and push away the brightening product with your fingertips or makeup sponge to ensure that it blends into the skin evenly and avoids leaving obvious color blocks or lines. 5. Finish applying makeup: After completing brightening, you can continue with subsequent makeup steps, such as applying foundation, blush, eye makeup, etc. It should be noted that the amount of brightening used should be moderate. Excessive use may cause the skin tone to look unnatural or too shiny. Moreover, brightening is mostly used for day or night makeup, which can be selected as needed.

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