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How to use the purification/aromatic oil of Muji? Do you rub it directly on the skin?

Do not apply it directly on the skin. The aromatic oil products of Muji are used as household fragrances, not for skin care.

muji skin care routine

Do not apply it directly on the skin. The aromatic oil products of Muji are used as household fragrances, not for skin care.

Can I use Muji water after finishing the photon?

According to my understanding, the photon is a beauty instrument used for skin care and treatment. And Muji Water is a Japanese brand of lotion that is mainly used to moisturize and soothe the skin. Although Muji Water may have a certain moisturizing effect, it is not a product specifically designed to be used with Photon. Therefore, I recommend choosing a specialized skin care product after using Photon to ensure the best results and safety.

Is Muji’s skin care product good?

Muji skin care products are generally used in Japan, because most of them are Shiseido, Kausi, Kao, Lion King,

The product range of these cosmetic companies is relatively wide and dense, and there are almost no omissions, so Muji’s involvement in the cosmetic category seems to be redundant.

Even if its packaging ingredients have been put into some effort, it cannot change the consumption habits of the Japanese market.

So Muji skin care products are generally used, and the sales volume is not very good.

Which store on Muji skin care products Taobao is genuine, and what is the specific store name?

The name is the official flagship store of Muji. Oh, how about you search for

Muji’s skin care products?

Muji’s skin care products are easy to use

This water milk from Muji is a super boon for sensitive skin. I have also used several bottles empty for those who are not sensitive skin. It will not be greasy in summer. The moisturizing effect is very nice, and it may be a little dry for dry skin in winter. Xiaoyan’s skin is very sensitive when she comes to her period and when the seasons change. At this time, she uses makeup water to wet compress, which has the effect of moisturizing and relieving.

Which one of Muji’s skin care products has the best reputation?

Muji high moisturizing makeup primer, MUJI’s makeup primer mostly uses plant ingredients, which are divided into sensitive skin, high moisturizing type and pore invisible type. Contains natural plant extracts such as olive dogfish essential oil and peach leaf essence, which moisturizes the skin. The sun protection value is SPF28/PA . No fragrance, no mineral oil, no UV absorber, you can use it with confidence

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