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How to use the Pretty Sleeping Small Muscle Egg Mask?

An anti-sugar Pretty Sleeping Small Muscle Egg stay up late leave-in mask = beauty water muscle bottom fluid essence cream mask,

skin care routine sleeping with partner

Like a concentrated version of the skin care set,

With it, you don’t need to apply other skin care products.

Stir it with the included small spoon, and the activity and power of all ingredients will be activated in an instant.

On the face of the mask, there will be a hydrating feeling of dew after a long drought!

Pretty Ya Stays Up Late Leave-In Small Muscle Egg Mask – Small Muscle Egg Stays Up Late Leave-In Mask.

Pretty Ya Small Muscle Egg Stays Up Late Artifact Mask, different from traditional masks, is shaped like an egg, and the outer layer is translucent and jelly like “egg white”, wrapping the “egg yolk” full of active essence. A 3.5g yoga eggshell mask is equivalent to 3-5 masks. When the “egg yolk” and “egg white” are mixed, all the activities will be stimulated at the moment! Help you drive away the “caramel face”! The effect is visible to the naked eye! Pretty Ya Small Muscle Egg Stays Up Late Leave-In Mask, Yoga eggshell mask, Yoga Small Muscle Egg Stays Up Late Artifact Mask Night Brightening Firming Mask I think it is like a soil egg without additives, so I like to call it a beautiful and elegant small muscle egg stay up late leave-in mask.

How to use the back Gongchen Enjoy Qi Yunsheng Sleep Mask?

Delicate paste texture, specially containing Gongchen Dan, agarwood extract, mountain ginseng Cordyceps sinensis and other essential ingredients, which can last all night to maintain your skin. At night, it injects rich nutritional elasticity into the skin, and deeply repairs the bottom of the skin, making the skin double plump with nutrients and moisture. By early morning, you will find that the skin is full of “Q feeling”, smooth and firm! How to use 2-3 times a week, after using basic skin care products before going to bed, apply evenly to the face, and wash off with water the next morning

Aloe vera gel should be used in that step of skin care at night? What skin care products should be applied after using water?

The correct order of use of toner, lotion, serum, aloe vera gel is toner — serum — lotion — and finally rub aloe vera gel. Toner is the first step of basic skin care. After rubbing the toner, you need to rub the essence immediately, and then rub the lotion. The essence can mainly play a connecting role. It is a highly nutritious skin care product that nourishes the skin and can promote the absorption of subsequent skin care products. Generally, it is used after makeup water and before lotion. After rubbing these, you can finally rub aloe vera glue. Aloe vera glue can be rubbed in the last step, because aloe vera glue can be used as a sleep mask. You can apply it after applying all skin care products before going to bed at night.

How to apply aloe vera gel before going to bed at night:

How to use: After cleansing and skin care, apply aloe vera gel to the parts of the face that need it with your fingers. You can apply an appropriate amount of thick application; you can also apply aloe vera gel to the face about the thickness of a coin, massage it a little, and wash it off when cleansing the face the next morning.

Tip: Although aloe vera gel does not need to be washed off when using aloe vera gel at night, you must apply aloe vera gel after all skin care steps, otherwise it will affect the application and absorption of other skin care products and cause rubbing mud.

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