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How to use the Muscle Jialan White Clear and Brightening Sunscreen Spray?

How to use the Muscle Jialan White Clear and Brightening Sunscreen Spray is as follows:

beach skin care routine

1. Shake well before use to ensure that the formula in the spray is well mixed.

2. Fifteen minutes before sunscreen, apply the spray to the exposed parts of the body and spray evenly, about 15 cm away from the skin, so that the spray covers every inch of the skin surface evenly as possible.

3. If reusing, please wait for the spray to dry completely before applying the second layer.

4. The sunscreen spray needs to be resprayed in time, especially after swimming or other water sports, sports or long-term sun exposure, it is necessary to repeat the sunscreen spray in time to ensure the effect of sunscreen.


1. In high temperature environments such as seaside or desert, it is recommended to change the time interval of the sunscreen spray and repeat the spray again.

2. The spray will evaporate and the sunscreen effect will decrease over time, so you may wish to put the sunscreen spray you carry in your bag and use the sunscreen spray at any time.

3. The sunscreen spray is only used on the surface of the body. Please do not use the personal taste test of the sunscreen spray instead of eating, applying facial skin care or causing skin allergies, etc., to avoid damage to the skin.

4. The sunscreen spray should be placed in a dry and cool place to avoid contact with high temperature sources such as the sun.

5. During use, if there is any discomfort, please stop using it immediately and consult a professional doctor.

Seven steps in the order of use of skin care products?

The following are the seven steps in the order of use of skin care products:

Step 1: Cleansing cream, cleansing, the most important step in skin care, this step is not good, and all will be lost. Only healthy and clean skin can make skin care products work well on the skin. Otherwise, the skin is not completely clean, and no matter how magical skin care products can’t save you.

Step 2: Mask, mask is not a necessary step every day, it generally takes 2 times a week. Mask is the best nutritional supplement, hydrates and oxygenates the skin, and plays a great role in anti-wrinkle, whitening and repair of the skin.

Step 3: Toner, toner is the most used daily, can clean and shrink pores, lotion cannot replace moisturizer, lotion’s main function is to adjust the skin, not emollient, so lotion should be used after cleansing.

Step 4: Muscle bottom fluid, after cleansing and toning, the skin needs a bottle of muscle bottom fluid to lay a good foundation.

Step 5: Serum, after using muscle bottom fluid, use serum, and use serum before lotion and cream.

Step 6: Lotion or face cream, apply lotion or face cream, use lotion if you have oily skin, and use face cream if you have dry skin.

Step 7: Sunscreen, not only in summer, but also when going out in autumn and winter. You can choose sunscreen with different SPF values in different seasons, sunscreen with lower SPF in winter, and SPF 50 times when going to the beach in summer.

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