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How to use the manual beauty instrument?

Before using the beauty instrument, first wipe the part where the beauty instrument comes into contact with the skin with a clean cotton pad, and then wash the makeup on the face. It should be noted that the moisture on the face must be dried after washing the face. Then apply skin care products or special beauty gels evenly on the face and forehead. At this time, you can use the opened beauty instrument to draw an arc on the face for massage. When it comes to the eyes, close your eyes to prevent the beauty instrument from causing damage to the eyes.

esthetician techniques at home when applying skin care routine

Special skin care products are required for these special parts such as eyes and lips. After applying the special skin care products evenly, massage around the lips and eyes with a beauty instrument. After the skin care products are absorbed, apply the skin care products and then continue to massage. The effect will be better after repeating two or three times.

How can I operate as a beauty apprentice?

The beauty industry is generally divided into two levels: beauty salons and companies. The employees of beauty salons are divided into apprentices, beauticians, senior beauticians, beauty consultants, and store managers. To be a beauty apprentice, you should learn more, pay more attention, and master beauty skills. The word beauty can be understood from two angles. The first choice is the word “Rong”, followed by “Beauty”. “Rong” includes three meanings of face, appearance, and modification.

1. Life beauty refers to the use of professional skin care cosmetics and professional beauty instruments by professionals, and the use of professional skin care methods and massage techniques to carry out comprehensive care and maintenance of human skin. Life beauty can be divided into two categories: care beauty and modified beauty.

2. Medical beauty refers to the use of a series of medical means that invade the skin to maintain, repair and reshape the appearance of the human body and various parts of the body.

How to use melanocc?

1. Time of use: melanocc’s beauty solution can be used in the morning or at night. Depending on everyone’s own habits and preferences, it is recommended to use it at night. You must use sunscreen during the day, otherwise the effect may be affected.

2. Order of use: It is an essence. The order is to use it after the makeup water and before the lotion. When taking care of the skin, you need to cleanse your face first and then use the makeup water, then use the melanocc beauty solution, and then apply the lotion.

3. How to use: It can be applied to the whole face or partially. Put an appropriate amount of beauty solution in the palm of your hand, and then apply it evenly to the whole face according to the application method of the essence. If there are skin problems in the local area, you can apply it separately, and then massage it.

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