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How to use the Light Cow Health Body Fat Scale?

The Light Cow Health Body Fat Scale is a smart device used to measure body composition and health indicators. The following is the general method of using this body fat scale:

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1. Download and install the Light Cow Health App: First, download and install the Light Cow Health App on your mobile phone. The App can be used to connect with the Body Fat Scale, record and analyze measurement data.

2. Register and Login Account: Register a new account in the Light Cow Health App and log in to the account with your login credentials.

3. Set up Profile: Enter your profile in the App, such as gender, age, height and other information. This information will help to analyze your body composition data more accurately.

4. Connect Body Fat Scale: Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth function is turned on, then follow the instructions on the body fat scale manual to Bluetooth connect the body fat scale to your phone.

5. Measure Body Composition: Stand on the body fat scale and make sure both feet touch the scale surface to maintain balance. Wait a moment, the body fat scale will automatically complete the measurement and send the data to the App on your phone.

6. View measurement results: In the App, you can view measurement results, such as weight, body fat rate, muscle rate, water content, etc. In addition, you can also view historical data, trend charts, etc.

Please note that the specific use method may vary depending on the device model and software version. It is recommended that you operate according to the instructions of the Light Niu Health Body Fat Scale, and refer to the relevant user guide or video tutorial.

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