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How to use the Egg Skin Combination?

The order of use of the Egg Skin Combination is:

good skin care routine for combo skin

1. Cleansing;

2. Lotion;

3. Serum;

4. Lotion/Cream. Hands should be cleaned before using either step to avoid introducing bacteria into the skin.

When using cleansing products, once in the morning and once in the evening, gently massage the face to remove oil, dirt and makeup from the skin.

Lotion can help condition the skin, remove residue, and continuously provide moisture and moisturization.

Essence products can solve special skin problems, such as scars, wrinkles, sun spots, dullness, etc.

Lotion or cream is the last step, which can lock in moisture and protect the skin from external pollution damage. The correct order of use can maximize the effect of egg skin combination and have healthy and beautiful skin.

How to use skin care products together?

Use together according to individual skin type and product level, follow the principle of “from thin to thick, from thin to thick, from easy to difficult to absorb”. 1. Skin care products need to be used together according to individual skin type and product level. The order of use should follow the principle of “from thin to thick, from thin to thick, and from easy to difficult to absorb”. 2. Different skin types need different nutritional ingredients, and different product levels also have their specific order of use. Using together can help the skin better absorb nutrients and avoid skin allergies, dryness and other problems. 3. It should be noted that different brands, ingredients and skin type needs are different, so it is best to conduct a skin test before use to find a matching plan that suits you. In addition, you must stick to it for a period of time to see the effect, and pay attention to the correct physical massage techniques during use to help the skin care products be better absorbed.

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