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How to use the correct Youli facial serum?

Cleanse your face first and then wipe the toner, then apply the serum, extract a small part of the serum, and gently pat it on your face to let the serum absorb on your face. If you stick to it for a long time, you can improve your skin problems.

adding essence to skin care routine

The serum is the third step of the skin care step. After washing your face, wipe the toner. After all, after washing your face, your skin will look a little firmer. The toner can play a quick hydrating effect, allowing the skin to get sufficient moisture and a secondary cleansing effect.

After wiping the toner, you can apply the essence. The essence is a highly concentrated skin care product. It can effectively absorb water, exfoliate, improve the most basic problems of the skin, and make the skin fully nourished. Long-term use of the essence will find that the skin becomes more elastic and full of luster, which cannot be separated from the credit of the essence.

The essence is a highly concentrated product after all. Its texture is relatively thick, and it will feel sticky when applied to the face. Therefore, many people like to use the essence at night, but it is also possible to use it during the day, depending on personal circumstances.

When using the serum, it must be used with lotions, night creams and other products. The serum cannot be used alone, so it cannot exert its effect. It is very necessary to understand the correct skin care steps.

The serum is the best in skin care products. The ingredients are exquisite, powerful and effective, and it always maintains its nobility and mystery. The base in the serum is water, which contains silicone resin, which is conducive to penetrating into the skin and pushing it away. Other added ingredients have therapeutic effects, such as light spots, firming and anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, whitening or shrinking pores. The serum contains trace elements, collagen, serum, and its functions include anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, whitening, and spot removal. The essence is a water separator and there are two kinds of oils. The essence is extracted and concentrated with high nutrients. No matter how old the essence is, as long as it is beneficial to the skin, it can be used. As long as it is used properly, it can exert the effect of skin care.

How to use the face-enriching essence correctly?

1. The essence should be used in the third layer of the skin care routine, that is, after cleansing and toning. After cleansing the skin, apply the softener evenly before using the essence, because the toner and softener can help the skin effectively absorb water and directly enter the deep layer of the skin, making the skin softer and more elastic.

2. The amount of essence is not the more the better. Even the essence that is suitable for your own use is not the more the better. Because the excess ingredients that cannot be absorbed will cause a burden on the skin. Only 2-3 drops each time in summer and 3-5 drops each time in winter. The T-shaped area only needs to be rubbed once a day, and 2 times around the eyes and lips. Rub your hands hot first. After you feel warm between your palms and fingers, pour the essence into your palms. Apply the essence evenly to your face and slowly wait for the essence ingredients in the essence to be absorbed, but avoid the skin around your eyes. Gently press the U area of the face with the palm of your hand, and gently press from bottom to top and from outside to inside to ensure the complete absorption of the essence ingredients in the essence. The T area should also be repeated in the same way.

3. Double the effect of using the essence before applying the mask. Using the essence as the base liquid can help the subsequent skin care products absorb. You can apply the essence in large quantities and then apply the mask, and the absorption effect will be doubled.

4. Finally, use the power of your finger belly to gently tap the skin of the face. 100 times as a group, and perform 3 groups.

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