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How to use the cleansing liquid in the correct way?

The method of using the cleansing cream is roughly divided into eight steps. The specific steps are as follows:

best skin care routine for dark skin

1. First use a facial cleanser or cleansing milk to clean the face. After washing, dry it with a towel.

2. Then squeeze out an appropriate amount of cleansing cream into the palm of your hand, apply it evenly on the forehead, and do horizontal massage back and forth, and stretch up and down along the forehead.

3. Then use your fingers to massage along the corners of the eyes and stretch back and forth; be careful not to rub the cleansing cream into the glasses.

4. Use your hands to stretch and massage the nasolabial folds next to the corners of your mouth.

5. Put your fingers on your chin and stretch and massage left and right.

6. Position your hands on the left and right sides of your neck and repeat the up and down stretching massage.

7. After the massage time lasts for 15 minutes, use the corresponding cleaning tool to wipe the entire face; the gray-black substance left on the cleaning tool is the swag discharged by the skin.

8. After wiping, use water milk or other skin care products to apply evenly to the face to prevent moisture loss

The order of naked makeup steps?

Create Naked Makeup Step 1: Do a good job of facial cleansing

To completely remove the oil from the face, you must wash your face with cleansing milk carefully, otherwise it will be difficult to apply makeup, and then use moisturizing skin care products with good moisturizing effect to moisturize the face and keep the skin smooth and delicate, so that it is easy to apply base makeup!

Create Naked Makeup Step 2: Apply barrier cream or makeup primer

Some white-collar MMs skip the step of rubbing barrier cream in order to save time and apply foundation directly. This approach is very inappropriate. Not only will it clog pores over time, resulting in poor skin quality, but it is not easy to push evenly when applying foundation.

Create nude makeup Step 3: The base makeup should be thin

Girls whose skin is prone to oily skin should choose to use a foundation with an oil control effect to apply makeup. Apply the foundation to the face first, then use a foundation brush or beauty blender to spread the foundation evenly, and apply the foundation with a makeup tool, which is more obedient and natural than applying it with your hands.

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