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How to use the Chuangying Po Light Eye Beauty Instrument?

In fact, the use of the Chuangying Po Light Eye Beauty Instrument is super simple. We only need to clean our facial skin in advance, then put on the Po Light Eye Beauty Instrument, close our eyes, and wait for the beauty instrument to perform automatic skin care. It only takes 20-25 minutes for a beauty treatment, which is much easier than our usual complicated steps such as applying eye cream and massage.

eye skin care routine

Do you want to take care of your skin first or apply the mask first?

Use facial skin care products first, and then use the eye mask. You can use eye muscle base serum before the eye mask, but other eye skin care products such as eye cream, eye serum, etc. are used after the eye mask. Because you need to wipe the water milk and other skin care immediately after washing your face, otherwise after applying the eye mask, the skin moisture will be easily lost, and the dust in the air will easily enter the skin. If the eye cream is applied before the eye mask, it is easy to block the absorption of nutrients in the eye mask.

After the skin is cleaned, apply the skin care products on the face first, and then you can apply the eye mask. The eye mask is to make a mask for the skin around the eyes. Generally, it takes 15 to 20 minutes, then remove the eye mask and apply the eye cream.

You need to take care of the skin before applying the eye mask.

The skin of the eyes is very fragile, and you need to take good care at ordinary times, otherwise the eye skin will age in advance and cause various problems. The eye skin is very sensitive and needs to be treated with special eye skin care products, so as not to irritate and hurt the eye skin. Clean the skin before applying the eye mask, then apply the eye essence, and then apply the eye mask, so as to achieve a better absorption effect. The eye mask can moisturize the eye skin and make the eye skin more delicate and shiny. The eye mask should not be used every day, just use it two to three times a week. Common water lotions, creams, etc. can be used before the eye mask. What are the steps of the eye cream, eye glue, and eye serum can be rubbed

skin care procedure after applying the eye mask?

The correct order of skin care steps is as follows: 1. Cleansing, make a rich foam of the cleansing milk, apply it to the face for circular rubbing. It is recommended to use the facial cleanser once in the morning and once in the evening for oily skin, once in the evening for dry skin, and wash your face with water in the morning. 2. Wipe your face. After cleansing, use a disposable towel or sponge to gently…

3. Toner. After drying, apply the toner and pat lightly until fully absorbed. 4. Essence, apply the facial essence and eye essence for eye massage. 5. Lotion or cream. In hot seasons, it is best to use the lotion after the essence to prevent moisture from evaporating. The skin is easy to dry in autumn and winter. It is recommended to use a more moisturizing

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