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How to use the biolne mask?

1. Before using the mask, cleanse the skin. Cleansing can be done with cleansing milk and cleansing cream. After cleansing, apply a hot water towel to the face for a few minutes to open the pores, which can better absorb the essence of the mask.

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2. If it is a whole mask, lay it directly on the face. If it is a powdery mask, after debugging in advance, apply it to the face. Don’t apply it too thick.

3. After applying the mask, either sit quietly or lie down quietly, so that the essence in the mask and the active ingredients in the mask can penetrate well on the skin.

4. Generally, you can take off the mask after 15 minutes to 20 minutes. If it takes too long, the moisture of the face itself will be easily lost, and the expected application effect will not be achieved.

5. After finishing the mask, you must cleanse your face again. At this time, you do not need to use cleansing milk and cleansing cream, but wash it off with water.

6. Then use the usual skin care steps, first take a toner or lotion, then apply a lotion or cream, and penetrate.

How to use the colored mud mask?

1. You need to cleanse your face before using the colored mud mask

You should cleanse your face before using the colored mud mask. Thoroughly cleanse the excess oil and dirt on the face to help the skin absorb the mask mud.

2. Use toner before using the colored mud mask

Before using the colored mud mask, you should use toner. This is to avoid dry skin when applying the colored mud mask.

3. How to apply the colored mud mask correctly

Take an appropriate amount of the colored mud mask, and then apply it evenly on the face. When applying the colored mud mask, be sure to pay attention to the order of use of the colored mud mask on the face, namely: cheeks → around the lips → nose → forehead. This is because the temperature will affect the efficacy and penetration of skin care products. The lower the temperature, the less effective it will be. The temperature around the cheeks and lips is low, and the temperature around the forehead and nose is high.

4. Thickened mud mask

The mud mask is different from other types of masks. The mud mask can be slightly thicker on the face, so that the mud mask can form a closed and penetrating “skin care field” on the facial skin. Rinse with water after 10 minutes.

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