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How to use the banana clock in to record the weight loss weight change?

There is a [Weight Card] in the app. When you register, you record your initial weight. Click GO to see “Record Weight”, clock in to record the current weight, and you can also set or modify the target weight to view the change curve.

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Is ag1pro suitable for light weight defenders?

ag1pro is suitable for light weight defenders.

ag1pro midsole is a combination of 361’s home cushioning technology quickfoam ∞ and neofoam. The upper is a cloth material similar to silk. The outer sole is a brown rubber sole. The cloth surface is easy to wrinkle if used too much, which is not very beautiful. Neofoam is soft and will wrinkle after actual combat, which makes people very headache. The outsole looks very wear-resistant, but it is not, because the lines are not deep, and it will be worn flat soon.

How many catties are normal for a girl of 1.8 meters?

Those with a length of 165 cm or more: Standard weight (kg) = length (cm) -100

Those with a length of 165 cm or less: Standard weight (kg) = length (cm) -105 (male)

Standard weight (kg) = length (cm) -100 (female)

Calculated according to the above formula: Standard weight ± 10% is normal weight; more than 10% to 20% is overweight; more than 20% is obese. Less than 10% to 20% is thin, and less than 20% is severely thin.

Therefore, for girls of 180cm, 80kg is standard weight, and 72 to 88kg are normal.

Is Go Nine Meats a full-term cat food?

Not a full-term cat food. Go Nine Meats is a high-protein, low-carbohydrate cat food, but it does not contain all the nutrients that cats need. Full-term cat food should contain the right amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and salt, among other nutrients. Therefore, while Go Nine Meats is a good cat food, it should not be used as the only food source for cats. Cat owners should choose full-term cat food that meets their cat’s needs to maintain their cat’s health and nutritional balance.

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