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How to use Skin Barrier Repair Water?

Skin Barrier Repair Water is a skin care product used to repair and protect the skin barrier. How to use it is as follows: 1. Cleansing the skin: First, clean the facial skin with warm water and cleansing products suitable for your skin type, and thoroughly clean the face. 2. Prepare Skin Barrier Repair Water: Take an appropriate amount of Skin Barrier Repair Water and pour it into the palm of your hand, and gently rub it hot. 3. Tap and Apply: Gently pat the rubbed hot Skin Barrier Repair Water on the face. You can gently massage it with your fingers to make it fully absorbed. 4. Extended Skin Care Procedure: After using Skin Barrier Repair Water, you can continue with subsequent skin care procedures, such as applying face cream, eye cream, etc. The use of skin barrier repair water can help repair the damaged skin barrier, enhance the skin’s moisturizing ability, reduce water loss, and provide moisturizing and protection. In addition, it can also balance the skin’s oil and water secretion and improve the skin’s smoothness and softness. Further reading: In addition to using skin barrier repair water, other measures can be taken to enhance the function of the skin barrier. For example, maintain proper moisture intake, avoid long-term exposure to dry environment, avoid frequent use of skin care products containing irritating ingredients, choose skin care products that suit your skin type, etc. In addition, a balanced diet, good sleep, and moderate exercise also help to improve the health of the skin barrier.

skin care routine to repair skin barrier

Skin Damaged Barrier Skin Care Sequence?

1. Avoid frequent makeup and makeup removal. Try to use warm water and gentle cleansing products to clean the face, which can retain the natural oils of the skin to the greatest extent. Wash your face twice a day is enough. Cleansing products with amino acid surfactants are a good choice.

2. Choose skin care products that contain ingredients that repair the skin barrier and can simulate normal skin fat. Normal and healthy skin itself contains fatty acids, ceramides, NMF (natural moisturizing factor), cholesterol, lecithin and other important ingredients, which are similar to the skin or repair ingredients, which are very important for skin health.

3. Avoid products with potential irritation, such as alcohol, flavors, irritating preservatives, irritating surfactants, etc. Among these ingredients, if the skin barrier is damaged, you must try to avoid contact.

4. Try not to exfoliate the damaged dry skin, and do not use salicylic acid, fruit acid, or tear mask. Even for oily skin, if the barrier is damaged, try to brush acid as little as possible, at least after the skin barrier is restored.

5. Try not to use the mask frequently. After the skin barrier is damaged, most people will have dry skin. At this time, many people will think that a soothing mask can relieve dry discomfort. Some people simply apply it every day. In fact, the penetration of the mask will aggravate the irritation of the skin, and it will frequently and intensively infiltrate the stratum corneum cells. Excessive use will not benefit the repair of the skin barrier.

6. Sunscreen, the skin barrier is damaged, I recommend that you must pay attention to sunscreen, even if the ultraviolet rays are relatively weak in winter, sunscreen homework should be done well, and the irritation of sunlight to the skin will exacerbate the damage.

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