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How to use Shiseido water milk?

How to use Shiseido water milk.

shiseido skin care routine

1. In the process of skin care, water milk cannot be less. If you want to moisturize and lock water better, follow the order of water first and then milk for skin care steps.

2. When using Shiseido Yueweipo Fei Brightening Skin Water alone, compared with the touch brought by Yueweipo Fei Lotion, I feel that the water of the same series is fine, and there is nothing to buy. Ps: (Shiseido Yuewei Water Milk uses water or milk first)

3. But when the Yueweipo Jade Water Milk combination is used, it can make the facial skin look radiant without flaws.

4. After changing to Shiseido Red Honeydew, the delicacy of the face is definitely not as violent as this combination. ps: (How to divide Shiseido Yuewei Water Milk into refreshing and moisturizing)

I bought Shiseido Youlai’s skin care products, but I don’t know how to use them, correct skin care……

Cleanser, lotion, eye cream, facial serum, lotion, if the weather is dry, you can apply face cream, barrier cream, foundation, that’s it

Q: What kind of makeup is Shiseido and how do I open it?

This is Shiseido’s red honeydew lotion. You can just unscrew that lid and pour it out.

What do you think of the date of Shiseido cosmetics in Japan?

Foreign cosmetics generally do not have a production date, but only a shelf life. Especially Japanese cosmetics, they are replaced with new packaging once a year, and there will be no problem of expired items. Also, the shelf life of cosmetics is generally 3 years.

4DPEN, 3XPD5, 3PPFL should be the batch number. Shiseido itself can manage through this batch number.

Japanese cosmetics with a shelf life of more than 3 years will not be forced to mark the production date and shelf life. Those within 3 years have the production date or shelf life marked on the outer packaging. Brands that are not directly marked. These companies use their own batch numbers instead. The batch number format of each company is different. Ordinary people are the same as reading the book of heaven, so if you want to understand the production batch number of Japanese cosmetics, you must use professional query software or websites to check.

How to use Shiseido cotton pad?

How to use cotton pad 1, cleaning and removing makeup. When removing eye and lip cosmetics, simply using makeup remover or makeup remover oil or makeup remover cream cannot completely remove them. At this time, you need to use a special eye and lip makeup remover, and the cotton pad plays an important role.

After fully soaking the eye and lip makeup remover in a cotton pad, wet apply it to the eyes and lips for 30-60 seconds, and then gently rub it to completely remove the stubborn cosmetics. After using the facial makeup remover, you can also use a cotton pad to wipe it off. Usually many application masks have the problem that it is difficult to wash them with simple hands. Then you can use a cotton pad to wipe off the residual paste on the face first, and then rinse them with water to wash the application mask clean. In addition to these uses, you can also use a cotton pad to wipe off excess moisture from the face after washing your face on weekdays, which is more hygienic and clean than a towel.

The second method of using a cotton pad is to wet compress and wipe with water milk. Many people like to slap the lotion directly into the skin with their hands. This approach seems to save the amount of lotion, but it is actually wrong.

Applying lotion by hand will cause it to evaporate before the face absorbs water. The correct way to use it is to use a water-saving cotton pad, soak it with lotion, and gently wipe it on the face, which can not only promote the absorption of lotion, but also play a secondary cleaning role on the skin, and use a water-saving cotton pad, and don’t worry about wasting the cotton pad.

Lotion is also like lotion, and it is better to use a cotton pad to wipe the face. Using a cotton pad to wipe the lotion can prevent excess oil from clogging pores and promote the skin to absorb nutrients. In addition, when the face is dry, you can also apply a wet cotton pad such as spray, lotion, hydrosol, etc. to the face to moisturize and moisturize.

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