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How to use Shiseido Muscle Revitalizing Cleansing Cream?

Generally, after getting up in the morning or removing makeup at night, wash your face with Cleansing Cleansing Cream, first wet your face with warm water, then squeeze a small amount of Cleansing Cream on your face to lather, massage for a while, then wash with water

japanese night skin care routine

Japanese Oil Skin Care Method?

Steps of Oil Skin Care Method:

1. Wash your face, then pour the skin care oil into the palms of your hands, rub your hands hot, apply it to your face, and gently press it on your face with your hands. It takes three to five minutes.

There will be some oil on the face at this time. Wait half an hour, and the oil will be absorbed by the skin little by little.

2. Then soak a cotton pad with toner (just use the commonly used lotion, and brush the precious water I used with acid by the way to exfoliate). Press all over the face, wipe off the excess oil slick on the face, and then apply a water film for 5 minutes.

3. Then wash your face and then take normal skin care.

Do you still need to wipe skin care water for Japanese Zuma oil at night?

Of course you can use it, the penetration rate of horse oil absorbs very quickly, and it has the effect of removing acne and preventing acne, as well as making the skin delicate and smooth, eliminating fine lines and preventing wrinkles, etc. Magical uses, can be used all year round, it is best to use it as a night cream or apply more as an oil film at night, you can also use it during the day, but don’t picture too much, because there must be an absorption process, a little less will be absorbed soon, as for how much this little bit is, it depends on your actual situation to grasp, your mileage may vary the whole face during the day Apply about the size of a red bean or soybean grain or a little more. ( Because some people have to wear makeup during the day, if they wear makeup, it is impossible to wait for it to absorb for ten or twenty minutes before applying makeup, so the dosage is too small, let it absorb faster and make up.) There are three kinds of horse oil on the market now, one is to dilute and emulsify the horse oil to make a cream. The content of horse oil is reduced, and the effect is reduced but it will not be oily. There are also other anti-aging ingredients added to the horse oil cream, such as Q10, collagen, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients made of horse oil cream. Finally, there is the oldest classic grade pure horse oil without any additives (preferably medicinal grade), which is the ointment extracted from the horse’s neck. The oil on the horse’s neck is the most delicate and pure on the horse, and it is most suitable for the human body. There are many bad or inferior horse oils on the market now, using oils from other parts of the horse. This can be said to have had a little effect on the skin in the past, but some use a very small amount of horse oil and other cheap oils mixed into ointments. It is useless. Maybe the skin will… So choose horse oil to be accurate.

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