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How to use salicylic acid cotton tablets for sensitive skin?

If it is sensitive skin, you need to pay attention to the following points when using salicylic acid cotton tablets:

sensitive skin care routines

1. Before using salicylic acid cotton tablets, you need to perform facial cleansing to ensure clean skin.

2. Confirm the skin type. If it is oily, mixed or acne skin, it is suitable to use salicylic acid cotton tablets.

3. When using salicylic acid cotton tablets, you need to test behind the ear or on the wrist first to observe whether there is an allergic reaction.

4. If the test results are normal, you can start using salicylic acid cotton tablets. First use the plaid surface to wipe up the whole face, then apply a smooth wet compress to the acne area for 3 to 5 minutes.

5. After the wet compress is over, there is no need for follow-up washing, just go directly to the normal facial treatment.

40 What skin care product is good for sensitive skin?

Juliko Calendula Soothing Cream

A gentle, oil-free cream rich in calendula and witch hazel. Repair damaged skin, soothe sensitive fine, calm skin, protect fragile skin, and leave skin delicate and smooth. The medicinal value of Calendula Soothing Cream determines that it can be placed in every medicine cabinet. It can be used anytime, anywhere to moisturize the skin, protect and moisturize for a long time, and is also an ideal post-sun soothing repair cream.

Can sensitive skin use alcohol on the face?

Sensitive skin needs to use alcohol-containing products with caution! For sensitive skin, the choice of skin care and maintenance products, it is recommended to use low-sensitivity skin care products, such as too greasy, strong fragrance, alcohol and other irritating skin care products, and can be matched with moderate cleaning products and isolation sunscreen products. It can enhance the skin’s protective ability and reduce the occurrence of allergic skin.

Brush acid mud film Correct skin care steps?

Before use, apply the mud film to the back of the ear for a sensitivity test. Wait about 10-15 minutes for no discomfort before applying to the face.

Before applying the mud film, you can apply essential oil to the skin, and then apply the mud film in the order from inside to outside and from bottom to top. The thickness is subject to covering the facial skin. Then spray a layer of spray on the mud film, which works better.

Can Star Makeup be used for sensitive skin?

Cosmetics for sensitive skin can be used by ordinary people. The reason why sensitive skin cosmetics are positioned is that most of the product ingredients are mainly natural plant extracts, and the purity of the core ingredients is a little higher than that of ordinary cosmetics. The product safety is also higher, and the product ingredients mostly contain anti-sensitive and anti-sensitive ingredients, which have a certain repair effect on sensitive skin. General sensitive skin cosmetics also have whitening, hydrating, sunscreen and other effects, which are not very different from ordinary cosmetics.

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